My daddy, my hero!

We wish all our dads a very wonderful fathers day. We know that your children would of spoilt you with love, hugs and laughs. We asked the children why they loved their dads and this was their responses.

I love you dad because….

You take me to the footy (Sam)

You play with me (Darcy-Rose)

You play with me (Ollie)

You set things up for me to play with (Jake)

You kick the footy with me (Alison)

You take me to the footy (Lachlan)

You work hard (Grace D)

You help me kick the football (Kai)

You play with me (James)

You help me ride my bike (Sarah B)

You let me play games (Oliver W)

You let me ride my bike by myself (Thomas)

You help me play football (Wil)

You buy me ice-cream (Luka)

You help me catch lizards (Jack B)

You take me to parties and you got me a DSi (Taylah)

You bought me a netball ring (Kyah)

You play with me (Ethan)

You help me write (Emily)

You give me treats (Ella)

You take me for walks (Olivia W)

You buy me special things (Kailey)

You tell me great stories (Mikayla)

You kick the footy with me (Cameron)

You are the best (Patrick)

You take me to the football (Luke)

You help me with my maths (Ella-Rose)

You are funny by saying what’s this dim sim? (Lachlan)

You help me fix problems (Elise)

You kick the footy (Jesse)

You help me with everything (Jamie)

You make me laugh and tickle me (Sarah R)

You built our flying fox (Grace)

You make up good stories (Gilbert)

You help me find things (Chloe)

You take me places (Amelia)

You buy me special things (Hamish)

You play with me after school (Mia)

You let me do anything I want (Skye)

You are very funny (Olivia H)

You take me to lots of places (Charli)

You take me to parties (Holly)

You bought me a motorbike (Ruby)

Writing and Drawing

As a culmination to Literacy and Numeracy week the children were lucky enough to have the opportunity to listen to 2 great guest speakers. Many of the year levels are busy writing their own stories so who better to speak to the children than author ‘John Danalis’ and illustrator ‘Craig Smith’.

The children learnt all about where John gets his stories from, how many books he’s written, how long his stories take to write and lots of funny anecdotes about his life. Craig taught the children all about illustrating, where to start, what styles to consider and what sort of expression their characters should have.

Chloe – I liked Craig best because we got to do some drawing.

Luka – I liked John best because he told us lots of funny stories about his dog.

Emily – I liked Craig because he taught us how to draw bodies.

 Jesse – I liked John because I thought he was funny.

Amelia – I liked Craig because he taught us about doing a draft first.

Hamish – I liked John because he told us funny stories about when he was born.

Author/Illustrator Visitslide show

What did you learn from listening to Craig and John?

Reading in Bed is Terrific (RiBiT)

On Wednesday the 31st of August as part of Literacy and Numeracy week the children participated in RiBiT. The grade ones came to school dressed in their pyjamas and there were soft toys all over the place. Children also brang in their favourite story and a blanket or a pillow.

The children rotated through three different activities during the 2 hour literacy block. They watched ‘Minuscule’ episodes with Mrs Ward, had a snack of Milo and Teddy Bear biscuits with Mrs Hollands as well as making a bookmark and then with Miss Hunichen the children visited the Grade 5 rooms and read stories with them in their specially made ‘table forts’.

It was a great morning full of wonderful stories and well behaved children. Have a look below!

What was your favourite part of RiBiT?