Reading in Bed is Terrific (RiBiT)

On Wednesday the 31st of August as part of Literacy and Numeracy week the children participated in RiBiT. The grade ones came to school dressed in their pyjamas and there were soft toys all over the place. Children also brang in their favourite story and a blanket or a pillow.

The children rotated through three different activities during the 2 hour literacy block. They watched ‘Minuscule’ episodes with Mrs Ward, had a snack of Milo and Teddy Bear biscuits with Mrs Hollands as well as making a bookmark and then with Miss Hunichen the children visited the Grade 5 rooms and read stories with them in their specially made ‘table forts’.

It was a great morning full of wonderful stories and well behaved children. Have a look below!

What was your favourite part of RiBiT?

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  1. I am teaching in Norway and am very keen to start the RIBIT programme here. I used this programme in Australia and found it amazingly helpful. I have tried to find information on the net. Do you have by any chance links or information about books with this programme? Thanks for your help and time. It was so good to see that it is still in practice. Regards Rosemarie

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