School Pride Day

The sun was shining, the children were raking, the parents were weeding and the teachers were planting- yes it was School Pride Day. We were blessed to have such a glorious afternoon after being re-scheduled due to hail the week before. Thank-you to all those who gave up their afternoon to come and beautify the school. It was wonderful to see so many get in and give the school a much needed tidy up. Well done to Ms. Preaudet and her sustainability team for organising the day for us and to the P.A for the well deserved icy-poles.

School Pride Day 2011free slideshows with music

What was your favourite thing about School Pride Day?

8 thoughts on “School Pride Day

  1. Dear Mrs Hollands,
    My favourite part of School Pride Day was we got to water the plants.
    They will now grow big and strong.
    From Taylah

  2. Hi Mrs Hollands
    My favourite thing that happend on school pride day was watering all the plants. This makes them grow big and strong. I hope the plants will be fully grown soon.

  3. I liked School Pride Day because I was in the group I wanted to be in because I wanted to do weeding. It was fun because I got to work in two places.

  4. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    My favourite part of school pride day was raking the leaves and playing on the playground.
    Our courtyard looks really nice now.
    Love Mia.

  5. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    My favourite part was the weeding because we found a snail. When we had finished we put it back in the garden.
    Our court yard looks better than before.
    From Emily.

  6. Hi Ms Hunichen,

    I really enjoyed doing the weeding on School Pride with the mini pitchfork!! I help my mum do the weeding at home sometimes too!!


  7. Hi Guys
    School Pride Day was heaps of fun and even though we had to postpone it we had beautiful weather the second time around! Everyone did a fantastic job of weeding, raking, planting and tidying up. Our courtyards look lovely now, we just have to remember to keep watering the plants.
    Miss Hunichen

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