The Long ‘e’ Sound

Today we learnt all about the long ‘e’ sound.

There are lots of different letter combinations that make the long ‘e’ sound.

I wonder if you can remember all of them and list some words for each??

We had lots of fun sorting children’s names in the grade that have a long ‘e’ sound.

Have a look at the following website and read the long ‘e’ poems.

long e

Don’t forget to write a comment telling me

the different ways to make the long ‘e’ sound

and some words for each!

Torchlight, Football, Handbag and Pigtails

I wonder if you can work out what the words in the title have in common…. That’s right they are all compound words!

We have continued to learn more about compound words this week and even looked for compound words in books that we read.

Below are some fun games and activities that you can try to improve your knowledge of compund words: – In this game you need to match the word on the left with its partner on the right to make a new word. – With this link you will need to scroll down until you find the one called Compound Words – In this game you need to match the correct pairs of words to make a compund word – There are a range of games on this site and also a video for you to watch

Which games did you play and which one did you like best?

Lets make compound words!

This week we have looked at ‘Compound Words’. Compound words are words which are created from two words that, when joined together, create a new word. My favourite compound words include butterfly, daylight, breakfast and handshake. Compound words are typically introduced in Grade One. Learning about compound words is fun and it provides children a new way of looking at words. Studying compound words helps children understand the language, builds an interest in words and will help prepare students to learn prefixes, suffixes, and word roots. Help us create a compound word wall!

Happy birthday to you!

This term our unit of work will be based on ‘Celebrations around the world”. We will be looking at family celebrations such as birthdays/weddings/engagements, community celebrations such as the Gisborne Festival, sport celebrations such as AFL Grand Final/Grand Prix/Melbourne Cup and worldly celebrations such as Christmas/Easter/Halloween. We will look at each continent of the world in more detail looking especially at the countries which make up that continent and the special celebrations those countries have.
This week we will look more closely at the celebration of a “birthday”. We would love for you to share your answers with us!

What age were you when you had your favourite birthday and why?

What was your best birthday present you ever received and why did you like it so much?

The author within us…

On Friday the 14th of October was the official Grade One Book Launch. During Term Three, the children worked really hard to create their own narrative stories. The children started this process by firstly doing a plan of their story. To make it a little easier for the children, we decided to allow the children to base their story on a well know fairytale. Children chose fairytales such as ‘The three little pigs’, ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. They then had to think of good characters, bad characters, a problem and a solution. We encouraged the children to make their good characters and bad characters “mini-beasts”. Once their plan was checked, we discussed how narrative stories were set out. The story was broken into three main parts- the introduction (setting, intro of characters), main body (a problem caused by the bad characters that the good characters encountered) and the conclusion (solution). The children wrote their stories with the assistance of many wonderful parent helpers. Over the holidays, the teachers spent time typing the good copies of each of the stories. During week one of this term, the children illustrated their stories, completed a blurb and an author profile. As you could see, the end product was fantastic. Well done to all of you- you did yourselves, your teachers and your parents proud!!

Almost Over

Hi Girls and Boys

Well the school holidays are almost over! I hope you have enjoyed your break as much as Mrs Hollands and I have. We have both been very busy catching up with friends and family.

We have also been busy typing up all of your stories so they are ready to illustrate in the first week back. We are going to be busy with our books as we will be having a book launch at the end of the first week.

We would love to hear all about your holidays and hope that you enjoy the last few day.

Miss Hunichen and Mrs Hollands