Almost Over

Hi Girls and Boys

Well the school holidays are almost over! I hope you have enjoyed your break as much as Mrs Hollands and I have. We have both been very busy catching up with friends and family.

We have also been busy typing up all of your stories so they are ready to illustrate in the first week back. We are going to be busy with our books as we will be having a book launch at the end of the first week.

We would love to hear all about your holidays and hope that you enjoy the last few day.

Miss Hunichen and Mrs Hollands

5 thoughts on “Almost Over

  1. Hello everyone, I only had 1 week holiday before I started at my new school.
    My dad took us to the movies and we saw the smurfs and we went walking everyday one long long walks to Southbank. We had icecream and went swimming and caught the ferry across.

    I started 4th term last week in Brisbane. My new school is Chapel Hill State Primary and I’m in 1B – my new teacher’s new is Mrs Blaike and I’m lots of new friends.
    My new friends are Remy, Syke, Holly, Amelia and Jack. Its very warm up here and we have been swimming alot in our swimming pool.

    Hope you all have had a nice break. Miss you all alot.
    A very special hello to my good friend Darcy-Rose…. 🙂 xx

    Lots of love from Taylah

  2. I had a wonderful holiday but i’m looking forward to coming back to school to see my friends and my beautiful teachers.!

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen and Mrs. Hollands and class
    It is great to visit your blog and read about the exiting things you are doing on the other side of the world. We will follow your work from here and hope to hear from you as well. We are a 1st grade class from Denmark – Northern Europe. We go to Vonsild School and love to meet peoples around the world. We have our own blog: where we post things from our everyday school life. It´s written in both Danish and English. We´d love to get in contact with you, also because that our Crown Princess is from Australia. She introduced the Better Buddies Project to us and she visited our school 3 years ago.
    We also have a school blog: for our older students.
    Keep up the good work!
    Mr. Stefan Nielsen & 1st graders

    • Hi 1st Graders
      I m sorry its taken us such a long time to reply to your comment, we have been so busy since starting term 4. We were very excited to hear from a school that is so far away from us. This term we are studying celebrations around the world so we have lots of questions for you! Yesterday we learnt all about different ways birthdays are celebrated around the world. We thought it was funny that in some countries they pull on the earlobe for the number of years alive. We read that in Denmark they fly flags outside a window to show that someone is having a birthday. Do you have any other special traditions?
      Today we learnt about Australia’s special celebrations, like Anzac Day, Australia Day and Melbourne Cup Day. We were wondering what special holidays you celebrate in Denmark?
      We have looked at your blog and will add it to our Schools around the World links!
      Thanks again for your comment!
      Grade 1B and 1C

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