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Hi Everyone and Welcome back for 2012. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to the exciting year we have planned!
It has already been a busy two days and the children have settled in beautifully! We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child over the coming weeks.
The children have already shown us that they are great listeners, readers, writers and counters and by the end of the year they will become experts on ‘The Community’, ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Fairy Tales’ and ‘The Farm’.
The following photo slideshow shows the children participating in a ‘Get to Know You’ activity where the children were asked to find other children in the grade who could complete each task on the sheet.


What did you learn about your classmates?


What was your favourite thing in the 1st two days of school?

27 thoughts on “Back to School for 2012

    • Dear Jackson
      Thanks for being the first person to leave a comment on our blog. I was very excited to read it. I m glad you enjoyed the memory competition. Mrs Hollands and I thought it was a great way to help you all remember where to find things. If you keep up the great work and behaviour you may win a prize from the raffle draw each week.
      From Miss Hunichen

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen, I really liked the Sesame Street work on the interactive whiteboard. It helped me with learning my words.
    from Jack

    • Dear Jack
      Thank You for your excellent comment on the blog. I am pleased that that you remembered to inlcude a correct opening and closing statement for your comment. I m glad you are enjoying the Sesame Street videos, they help us learn lots of different things. Today we will watch one about a family I wonder if you can work out why!
      From Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Sophie,
      It is so lovely to hear that you have loved everything about being in Grade 1. I love my new class too. Grade 1 is very exciting and I am sure you are going to enjoy it! I bet you are excited about learning about the farm- we even get to hatch chickens from eggs.
      See you tomorrow gorgeous
      Mrs Hollands

    • Hi Indiana,
      Thankyou for your comment on the blog. I am so glad you like making new friends- I do too. There are lots of lovely girls in our class and I am sure they are going to enjoy your birthday party that is coming up soon.
      Keep Smiling.
      Mrs Hollands

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I liked the activity where we asked each other questions about ourselves. I found out that Mrs Hollands has a dog.
    from Milly

    • Hi Milly
      Thanks for your comment on the blog. The getting to know you activity was a fun one, I found out lots of new information about different children in the grade. The biography sheet has also helped me get to know you all! Do you have a dog at home? I’d like to have a dog too one day!
      From Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Zac,
      I am so glad you like everything about Grade One. I know you love reading! Are you looking forward to learning all about dinosaurs? That is one of my favourite topics to learn about! Have a great weekend.
      From Mrs Hollands

    • Hi Edward,
      Well done on remembering to write your comment like a letter. The competition on the first day of school was a great way to help you all remember where everything was. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m pleased to have been able to award you some raffle tickets for your good behaviour this week. Keep it up and there will be lots more raffle tickets coming your way!
      What do you like to do when you are not at school?
      From Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Anneliese,
      You are right- no one is taller than you in both classes! That is really special! I wish I was super tall! I am glad you have enjoyed the maths games we have played. Lots of great things happen in Grade One. Well done on a terrific week.
      Have a lovely weekend.
      From Mrs Hollands

    • Hi Fintan
      Well done for commenting on the blog and for remembering to start with ‘hi’ and end with who your comment was from. Asking me a question made your comment 5 star!!
      I’m glad you are enjoying the joke of the day. Sometimes its hard to find good jokes. Do you have a favourite joke?
      Maths is a fun subject to learn about, there are so many different parts, numbers, measuring, patterns, money, shapes and lots more. Do you have a favourite maths topic?
      I think I like reading best, I like sharing stories with all of you and teaching you to be good readers. Do you have a favourite book?
      From Miss Hunichen

    • Dear James,
      Well- what a lovely comment you have written! Big star for you! I am glad you like PE. It was my favourite thing to do at primary school too What sport do you like to do best? I love playing netball and basketball. I don’t really like swimming much. Have a great weekend.
      From your favourite teacher,
      Mrs Hollands 🙂

  3. Hi
    One of my favourite jokes is Why was the beach wet? Because the sea weed.
    My favourite maths topic is odd and even numbers.
    bye Fintan.

    • Dear Fintan,
      Thank you for your wonderful joke, i really like that one, it definitely made me laugh. I ll have to try and find some really funny jokes for our joke of the day. maybe I need a new joke book!
      I m glad you are enjoying odd and even numbers in maths. I have a good new game for you all to play on Monday that is all about odd and even numbers. See if you can solve this one:
      Is one million, three hundred and eighty seven thousand, four hundred and twelve and odd or even number? I wonder if your house number is odd or even? My house is number is odd! What could it be? I ‘ll give you a clue its between 20 and 30! Good Luck!
      From Miss Hunichen

  4. Hi, I’m back. My favourite book is Dinosaur Cove. Do you have a favourite book? When is your Birthday? I wonder who is going to win the raffle draw.

    Bye, Fintan

    • Hi Fintan
      It’s great to see you back on the blog. You have done well to leave so many great comments. I’d like to hear more about your favourite book, what is it about? I like to read but sometimes find it hard to find the time. I like to read true stories and am reading a book about an AFL footballer at the moment. I think there are lots of great children’s authors though, I especially like Mem Fox and Jeannie Baker. From memory you read lots of Mem Fox books in Prep, did you have a favourite? My birthday is in October and I always get very excited when it’s nearly my birthday. I hope you win the raffle draw soon!
      Miss Hunichen

    • Dear Grace
      Well done for leaving a comment on the blog, make sure you include who you are writing to and who the comment is from. I really enjoyed having Mick visit us. He taught us lots of things about being a paramedic and the different equipment that a paramedic carries. I liked going out and looking at the ambulance. I hope you are enjoying your holidays and are doing lots of reading.
      Miss Hunichen

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