Sprinter and Friends

The following piece of writing was compiled as a whole class with all children contributing.

 On Tuesday morning the ambulance came to visit the Grade One children. While we were playing before school, Mick from Ambulance Victoria set up all his things in the Grade 1B classroom. Mick was going to teach us all about the ambulance and calling triple zero.

 First Mick showed us some of the different uniforms. Milly came out to model the blue paramedic shirt. Blake came out to model the fluro yellow vest. It had reflective stripes on it and Ambulance written on the back. Oliver came out to put on the fluro yellow rain jacket. Lola came out to model the overalls. The overalls were so big that she had to stand on a chair.

 Then Mick talked to us about all of the different vehicles. They have ‘Sprinters’, helicopters, scooters, aeroplanes, bicycles and the MICA cars. They have a fleet of 500 ‘Sprinters’ and they have five helicopters that are kept at Essendon airport. MICA stands for Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance.

 Next Mick showed us all of the special equipment that they carry. They have three separate bags, one was red, one was green and the little one was blue. The little blue bag is carried inside the red bag and it had all of the drugs in it. They carry 14 different types of drugs. The red bag had bandages, plastic gloves, green whistle, sick bags, fluid bags and the heart monitor. We all loved the green bag! It had an oxygen bottle and the airway pipes.

 After seeing all of the equipment Mick chose some children to be actors. Jessie was chosen to look after the sick bear and be the person that called the ambulance. Alannah was chosen to be the paramedic and Miss Hunichen was the person at the call centre. Jessie was a bit nervous but she did a great job.

 We did some more role playing and this time Deegan was the patient. We pretended he fell off his skateboard and we had to call triple zero. Lauren shook Deegan and called his name but he didn’t answer so Lauren called for help. Mrs Hollands pretended to be Deegan’s mum and she called triple zero. Miss Hunichen answered and helped Mrs Hollands until the paramedics came.

 Before we split into two groups we watched a short video about a little boy who hurt his leg, Cameron had a splint put on his arm and we listened to a CD of a real ambulance call. The boy who made the call was 7 just like some of us!

Then some of us went out to look inside the ambulance while some of us stayed inside and practised calling triple zero. We had some grade five buddies to help us.

 Some of our favourite parts were:

–        Working with Grade fives to call triple zero. Sophie

–        Pretending to be the patient. Jackson

–        Going inside the ambulance. Indiana

–        Hearing the sirens on the ambulance. Jarrod

–        Watching the play when Jessie called triple zero. Tess

–        Seeing Stretch on the video helping the little boy. Jamie

–        Looking at all of the equipment that Mick carried. Alana


What was your favourite part of the visit?


What did you learn from Mick?


Don’t forget to practise your address and phone number!