Sammy Snake teaches us to be Water Savers

On Friday morning Sammy Snake and Anne came to visit the Grade Ones. They were from Western Water and they came to teach us about not wasting water. Some of the things we learnt were:

* to turn taps off and make sure they are not dripping

* to put bark on top of the soil in your garden becuase it helps absorb the water

* to put a brick in our toilet cistern as it saves three litres of water each flush

* that if your tap is dripping you should buy a washer from the hardware store, they only cost $1.50

* to use a trigger nozzle on our hoses outside

* to use a bucket and sponge to wash your car rather than the hose

* that you can take your old shower head to Western Water and they will give you a NEW water saving shower head for FREE. This will save about 30 litres per four minutes!!!!

* that when washing your clothes a liquid soap is better than a powder, make sure it has NO phosphates!

* that you can get special plugs from Western Water that fit ALL plug holes

* that roses like our soapy bath water but our vegies don’t

* that when we are brushing our teeth we should use a cup of water rather than having the tap running



Do you know of any other tips to help us save water?

The Long Walk!

On Monday the 19th of March all of the Grade One children, their teachers and some wonderful parent helpers made the long trek down the hill into Gisborne to learn all about the Emergency Services. Have a read of the letters below that explain what the children liked/didn’t like and what they learnt.

Dear Readers,

Yesterday we went for a walk into Gisborne. I thought the walk was hot! I liked the SES because I liked when he showed us the scissors. I also liked the police because she showed us their handcuffs. I didn’t like walking back up the hill. I learnt that the fire truck has a sprayer at the front. What did you learn? How did you feel?

From Jarrod 

Dear Readers,

Yesterday we walked into Gisborne. I thought the walk was good. I liked walking with Miss Hunichen because we got to see the difference between goods and services. I also liked playing on the equipment. I played ‘spies’, then police with Sienna and Oliver. I didn’t like walking up the hill because it was hot and steep. On our walk I learnt that the SES have a big light and that they train at night. We also did some lying down after we walked through the shops. What part of the walk did you like?

From Neivh


What was your favourite part of the walk?

What did you learn from our walk?

Bubble, Bubble, Breathe

The two weeks are over! Swimming in Grade One has finished and what a better way to celebrate the final swimming session with a blown up water monster and fun games! Children walked the slippery back of “Gissy” the water monster and participated in water relays and noodle races! The children have worked really hard in the water for the last two weeks- learning floating skills, water safety skills, different stroke techniques and water entry. All children have enjoyed the swimming program and can’t wait to do it all over again in Grade Two.


What was your favourite part of going swimming with your class?


 For parents- Did you think the two week intensive sessions worked well? Why/Why not?


Can you suggest any improvements that we can pass on to the Gisborne Aquatic Centre?

Stop, Drop and Roll

This week the children in Grade One were lucky enough to be visited by two different firemen! On Wednesday they were spoken to by Dave from the CFA and on Friday they listened to Brendan speak all about the MFB.

The children were excellently behaved for both speakers and asked some wonderful questions. I know I learnt alot from listening to both men speak about different things to do with the CFA and the MFB. It sounded like a very difficult job, I don’t know that I could do it!

Rather than list all the things the children learnt I am encouraging the children to leave a comment detailing some of the things they learnt, as well as any other questions they might have for our firemen.


What did you learn about the CFA and the MFB?

Would you like to be a firefighter? Why/Why not?

A Visit from the Nurses

This morning the Grade One children were lucky enough to receive a visit from three nurses who have children in Grade One. There names were Clare, Sadie and Danielle.

The children learnt lots of different things, have a read below!

Nurses in operating rooms wear uniforms called scrubs – Chelsea

In the operating room they wear special shoes so they don’t bring dirt in – Jackson

Nurses use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs – Deegan

Nurses wear masks in the operating room to keep germs off the patient – Jacob

Nurses use a special mask to help make the patients fall asleep before and operation. It smelt like raspberries – Milly

When you wake up from an operation you may be attached to an oxygen mask – Joshua

All nurses carry ID and swipe cards so they can enter different rooms in the hospital – Sophie

Nurses wear special caps in the operating room to keep hair out of their faces – Mikaylah

Patients that are restricted to their bed use a bedpan to go to the toilet – Henry

Nurses always carry a pen to write information down on patient charts – James

Nurses carry a thermometer to measure your temperature – Xavier

Nurses work lots of shift work, some work in the morning, the afternoon or the evening – Idiana

The nurse carried a key on her ID badge to be able to open her locker. This is where they keep their clothes when they are wearing scrubs – Cody

In the operating room they wear special safety glasses to protect their eyes from blood – Blake

Nurses who deliver and look after babies are called midwives – Eliza

There are lots of different types of nurses, emergency nurses, theatre nurses, midwives, dental nurses etc – Ruby

In the operating room they wear a special gown over their scrubs – Grace H

The gowns are laundered by the hospital in a very very hot wash to kill all the bugs – Alannah and Jessie

They use green towels in the operating room to screen off the part of the body they are operating on – Edward

At the end of an operation the nurses have to count all of the instruments, it gets counted three times – Fintan

Before scrubbing in for an operation the nurses must wash their hands for five minutes – Zac

I learnt about different uniforms nurses wear and the different tools they use – Alana

It’s important for nurses to wear comfortable shoes because their job requires lots of walking – Anneliese

Nurses uses special lifting machines when lifting patients out of bed so they don’t hurt their backs – Amelia

Some hospitals provide their nurses with food to eat before their shift starts – Billy


Can you remember anything else about being a nurse?