A Visit from the Nurses

This morning the Grade One children were lucky enough to receive a visit from three nurses who have children in Grade One. There names were Clare, Sadie and Danielle.

The children learnt lots of different things, have a read below!

Nurses in operating rooms wear uniforms called scrubs – Chelsea

In the operating room they wear special shoes so they don’t bring dirt in – Jackson

Nurses use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs – Deegan

Nurses wear masks in the operating room to keep germs off the patient – Jacob

Nurses use a special mask to help make the patients fall asleep before and operation. It smelt like raspberries – Milly

When you wake up from an operation you may be attached to an oxygen mask – Joshua

All nurses carry ID and swipe cards so they can enter different rooms in the hospital – Sophie

Nurses wear special caps in the operating room to keep hair out of their faces – Mikaylah

Patients that are restricted to their bed use a bedpan to go to the toilet – Henry

Nurses always carry a pen to write information down on patient charts – James

Nurses carry a thermometer to measure your temperature – Xavier

Nurses work lots of shift work, some work in the morning, the afternoon or the evening – Idiana

The nurse carried a key on her ID badge to be able to open her locker. This is where they keep their clothes when they are wearing scrubs – Cody

In the operating room they wear special safety glasses to protect their eyes from blood – Blake

Nurses who deliver and look after babies are called midwives – Eliza

There are lots of different types of nurses, emergency nurses, theatre nurses, midwives, dental nurses etc – Ruby

In the operating room they wear a special gown over their scrubs – Grace H

The gowns are laundered by the hospital in a very very hot wash to kill all the bugs – Alannah and Jessie

They use green towels in the operating room to screen off the part of the body they are operating on – Edward

At the end of an operation the nurses have to count all of the instruments, it gets counted three times – Fintan

Before scrubbing in for an operation the nurses must wash their hands for five minutes – Zac

I learnt about different uniforms nurses wear and the different tools they use – Alana

It’s important for nurses to wear comfortable shoes because their job requires lots of walking – Anneliese

Nurses uses special lifting machines when lifting patients out of bed so they don’t hurt their backs – Amelia

Some hospitals provide their nurses with food to eat before their shift starts – Billy


Can you remember anything else about being a nurse? 

13 thoughts on “A Visit from the Nurses

  1. Hi grade 1,
    It sounds like the visit from the nurses was extremely worthwhile and enjoyable. I loved reading about all the things you learnt from the session. By the way you’re all doing so well in P.E at the moment. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Mr G and Tess
      I’m glad you enjoyed visiting our blog. You ll have to check out all our photos from Swimming and the Firemen visits next week. I will be working hard over the weekend to get the slideshows organised. Do you have any special plans for the long weekend. I m hoping to go to Moomba on Sunday and am really excited about seeing the fireworks. I also like carnivals like that because they sell fairy floss, I bet you like fairy floss too Tess. Its your favourite colour!!!
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    My mum is also a nurse. I really liked it when the other nurse mums came in to our class. I liked all the interesting things they brought into our class to show us.

    From Milly

    • Hi Milly,
      I didn’t know your mum was a nurse too! Is she a general nurse like Clare, a theatre nurse like Danielle or a Midwife like Sadie? I don’t think I would like to be a nurse, I think it would be a very hard job. There is lots of walking involved as well as lots of different shifts, I think it would be hard to work through the night! What would you like to be when you grow up?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Oh my goodness what a lot of interesting facts you learnt about nursing! They are very skilled people and also very kind and caring. We enjoyed reading the information that you all added to your post. It was good to catch up with your learning. Keep up the great work.
    From Room 4 and Mrs. Kolenberg at Craigburn P.S.

    • Hi Room 4 children and Mrs K
      We were so excited to read your comment on our blog, its lovely to have visitors from other schools. We have visited your blog too and loved looking at your primary walls and reading about all of the things you got up to on your holidays. Having stick insects in your classroom sounds like lots of fun. Maybe you could tell us some information about them. This term we are learing about Our Community so we have had lots of guest speakers including two firemen. You ll have to check back next week to see our photos of this visit!
      Miss Hunichen, Mrs Hollands and 1B and 1C

  4. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    I liked how Claire showed us the breathing apparatus mask and the ‘wake up’ mask. I think it was very interesting.


    Edward W

    • Dear Edward,
      Well done for leaving some great comments on the blog over the last week. You have learnt some really good things this term and we have done some really fun things. I wonder what you are looking forward to in Term 2?
      Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Milly
      Great to see some more comments on the blog from you! I think being an intensive care nurse would be a very difficult job. Your mummy works with people who are often very sick. I dont think I’d be very good at being a nurse because I wouldn’t like to clean up blood or vomit. I dont have anyone in my family who is a nurse, lots of people in my family are actually teachers just like me! I think working in an ice cream shop would be lots of fun, especially in summer!
      From Miss Hunichen

  5. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I liked the nurse visit, and I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know even though my mum is a nurse too (she works in emergency). My mum wears shoes like that and scrubs too to go to work. Nurses are wonderful and help to look after all of the sick people and help them to get better when they are not very well or hurt. My mum and dad work in the same hospital but do different jobs and work in different parts (my dad is a radiographer). I was very surprised when i heard about the lifting machine and i think that it is really good.
    from Amelia

    • Dear Amelia
      Your comments on the blog that you did with daddy are fantastic. I can see why you had daddy help you type them. Nurses are definately great people and we are very lucky to have such lovely people look after us when we are sick. Its interesting that your mum and dad both work in the same hospital. I bet your dad uses lots of special tools for his job. Have you ever had to have an x-ray before?
      From Miss Hunichen

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