Stop, Drop and Roll

This week the children in Grade One were lucky enough to be visited by two different firemen! On Wednesday they were spoken to by Dave from the CFA and on Friday they listened to Brendan speak all about the MFB.

The children were excellently behaved for both speakers and asked some wonderful questions. I know I learnt alot from listening to both men speak about different things to do with the CFA and the MFB. It sounded like a very difficult job, I don’t know that I could do it!

Rather than list all the things the children learnt I am encouraging the children to leave a comment detailing some of the things they learnt, as well as any other questions they might have for our firemen.


What did you learn about the CFA and the MFB?

Would you like to be a firefighter? Why/Why not?

22 thoughts on “Stop, Drop and Roll

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    I liked it when Dave got us to Stop, Drop and Roll. I learnt that dropping was so you didn’t breath in to much smoke and that rolling was to put out the fire on your clothes.

    I would not like to be a firefighter as I want to work for the Kangaroos and it is sort of dangerous.

    From Cameron.

  2. Dear Ms Hunichen,
    I do not want to be a fireman, because I don’t like getting hot and I do not like energy drinks!
    I learnt that firemen used different clothes in the olden days to what they wear now and that there are about 40 fires everyday in the city. I am glad we don’t live in the city.
    I enjoyed our fire incursion.
    From Jackson.

    • Dear Jamie
      Wee done for leaving a comment on the blog, dont forget to write who your comment is to and also who it is from at the end. I m glad you enjoyed watching Chelsea and Jackson dress up as fire people. Do you think you would like to fight fires wearing that heavy uniform?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    My favourite part of the fireman talk is when he put the funny hat on. I also liked the part when he explained how to get down low and go, go, go!


    • Hi Tess
      Thanks for writing a comment on the blog. I m glad you listened carefully when the firmen were talking about getting down low and going, it s very important if there is ever a fire! Do you think you would like to be a fire woman when you grow up?
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I do not want to be a fire men because I could catch on fire!
    I learnt that some fires are good and bad. A fire is on the birthday candles, and a bad fire is a bushfire.
    I also learnt firemen have special gear to protect them from the fire.


  5. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    I learnt so much about firemen thank you for saying yes to the firemens’ visit.
    I don’t want to be a firemen because I like to stay cold on hot days.
    From Grace J

    • Dear Grace
      I m glad you learnt lots of new things from the firemans visit. I feel the same way you do, I wouldnt like to be a fireman either. I think all of those heavy clothes would make you feel very hot and then having to walk into a hot fire would be even worse! I m glad I am a school teacher!
      From Miss Hunichen

  6. To Mrs Hollands
    I liked the fireman coat and hat. I think they were very special because it protects the fireman from getting burnt.

  7. Dear Miss Hunichen

    I leart that the MFB stands for Metropolitan Fire Brigade. I wouldn’t like to be afire fighter because it gets too hot. I liked it when Chelsea and Jackson dressed up as fire fighters.

    from Milly

    • Hi Milly
      I m glad you know what MFB stands for, it will part of our quiz this week! Do you know what CFA and SES stand for? These sets of letters are called acronyms, can you think of any other acronyms?
      When I was little I really wanted to be an air hostess but as I got older I learnt that I really didnt like flying very much so I m glad I became a teacher instead!
      From Miss Hunichen

  8. Hi 1B,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the fireman visit. I hope we never have a fire at our house but if we do, I think Fintan knows exactly what to do now.
    I hope you’re all getting fit for your big walk into Gisborne!

    • Dear Catherine
      Thank you for commenting on our blog, I hope you enjoyed looking at everything. I m glad to hear that Fintan knows what to do if there is a fire but I hope he never has to do it. We all really enjoyed our walk into Gisborne, it was a very long way though.
      Miss Hunichen

  9. Dear Mrs Hollands,
    What I learned about was getting down low and go go go and also never play with matches and lighters.
    I liked when we got to stop drop & roll and also when we got down low and crawled under the parachute.
    I do not want to be a fire fighter because it seems like a hard dangerous job.

  10. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    what I liked about
    stop drop and roll is when I went under
    the smoke. What did you like?
    from Fintan

    • Dear Fintan
      It was very fun when Alana’s dad had the big parahcute out for you to crawl under. I liked watching all of get down low to the ground and crawl on your bellies. I hope that there is never a fire at my place.
      From Miss Hunichen

  11. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I enjoyed the visit from the fireman, they were nice. I would not like to be a firefighter because I am scared of fires and it is hot. Also, it would be very hard to save people from the burning fire. I learned that you can’t put water on every type of fire. It was funny when Chelsea put on the clothes and it was funny to see Jackson with the helmet on (the wrong way round at first). I also learned that firemen have to wear lots of layers on their head to protect them the hot fire. The fireman taught us that the smoke from the fire is as dangerous as the fire itself and 30 seconds of smoke is all that it takes. I also learned that firemen also go to accidents and cut injured people out of cars when they are stuck. I think that all of the firepeople do a wonderful job protecting and saving us from fires and helping us when we are in trouble.
    from Amelia

    • Dear Amelia
      I m glad you enjoyed the visit from the fireman. We were lucky to have two great firemen come in the same week! I definately would not like to be a firefighter because I don’t think I’d like to wear all of that heavy clothing! You learnt lots of great information from the talk and I hope that if there is ever a situation where there is a fire at your place that you would at least know what to do. Just remember never to play with matches or lighters as they can be very dangerous!
      Miss Hunichen

  12. Hi Mrs Hollands,
    I don’t want to be a firefighter when I grow up as it would be to hard to do if I had children because I would be to busy doing the CFA so I couldn’t see my children. It sounds like it is really hard work and dangerous for me.

  13. Dear Mrs Hollands
    I really enjoyed Dave from the CFA coming to our class and it was fun to do some of the actions that he taught us for if there is a fire. I would not like to be a fireman because I would be scared of getting burned and I do not want to walk into the fires.
    From Henry

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