Bubble, Bubble, Breathe

The two weeks are over! Swimming in Grade One has finished and what a better way to celebrate the final swimming session with a blown up water monster and fun games! Children walked the slippery back of “Gissy” the water monster and participated in water relays and noodle races! The children have worked really hard in the water for the last two weeks- learning floating skills, water safety skills, different stroke techniques and water entry. All children have enjoyed the swimming program and can’t wait to do it all over again in Grade Two.


What was your favourite part of going swimming with your class?


 For parents- Did you think the two week intensive sessions worked well? Why/Why not?


Can you suggest any improvements that we can pass on to the Gisborne Aquatic Centre?

12 thoughts on “Bubble, Bubble, Breathe

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    I liked swimming because we go to go on the inflatable. We also did back stroke and my teacher said I was really good at it.

    From Milly

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen at swiming I
    like freestyle and torpedos. my
    colour group is white. what did
    you do wille you were waiting?
    from Fintan

    • Dear Fintan
      It was a really good idea that the swimming teachers organised you into colour groups. It really helped to get you all into your groups nice and fast. While Mrs Hollands and I were waiting we did lots of different things. Some days we watched and took photos, other days we sat and did planning or corrected work and some days we just sat and chatted and relaxed.
      From Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear readers, I really enjoyed swimming with my class, we had lots of fun. I was a bit nervous at first. The teachers that were teaching us swimming were excellent and fun. I got to do swimming with my best friend Grace. I really enjoyed the inflatable bouncy castle on the water and it was great fun when we were squirted by the hoses (they were freezing).
    from Amelia

    • Dear Fintan
      I m glad that you enjoyed swimming so much, I have to ask you though, what is the stingray? I thought it was an animal that I might see at the Melbourne Aquarium. They seem to use some funny names in swimming, my favourite is chicken, soldier, areoplane.
      Do you do swimming lessons outside of school?
      From Miss Hunichen

  4. Hi Mrs Hollands,
    I only got to do 2 swimming lessons because then I went to the Gold Coast and I did lots of swimming there. But I enjoyed my two lessons and it was good fun going on the bus.
    Love, Sophie
    PS. Mum thinks that it is great to do swimming with school even though I already do lessons

  5. Dear Mrs Hollands
    My favourite thing about the swimming was going on the inflatable. I also liked doing the freestyle, my teacher said I was really good. I liked going on the bus a lot too. I also liked doing the rescuing because you got to throw the rope and pull in the swimmers and swim towards the flags and get pulled in by the rope.
    From Henry

  6. Hello,
    your swimming looks really fun. We did swimming lessons once at Horwich Leisure Centre and it was really fun. I bet you enjoyed swimming. What was your best part? Did you enjoy it?
    Please visit my blog back and leave me some comments at:
    I hope you like it and I hope you continue to blog.
    From Chloe.

    • Hi Chloe
      Thanks for taking the time to look at our blog. I love the pink borders you have on the side of your blog and the colourful rainbow at the top. How long have you had your own blog for? You are doing a great job with your posts and your comments will increase as you continue to blog. Keep up the great work!
      From Grade 1B and 1C

  7. Miss Hunichen,

    I liked diving down to pick up things from the bottom of the pool.


    Hello Miss Hunichen,

    Whilst it was great that Edward received a certificate from the Aquatic Centre saying that he had successfully passed a Level of the swimming program, we have no idea what that meant. A definition of that Level is needed, in addition to definitions of higher levels. I can’t really comment on whether I was happy with the program as I don’t really know what (if anything) Edward actually achieved.



    • Hi Sarah
      Thank you for the comment regarding swimming. I agree with what your saying and think that the levels should be defined. I will pass this feedback on in order to better the program for the next group of children.

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