The Long Walk!

On Monday the 19th of March all of the Grade One children, their teachers and some wonderful parent helpers made the long trek down the hill into Gisborne to learn all about the Emergency Services. Have a read of the letters below that explain what the children liked/didn’t like and what they learnt.

Dear Readers,

Yesterday we went for a walk into Gisborne. I thought the walk was hot! I liked the SES because I liked when he showed us the scissors. I also liked the police because she showed us their handcuffs. I didn’t like walking back up the hill. I learnt that the fire truck has a sprayer at the front. What did you learn? How did you feel?

From Jarrod 

Dear Readers,

Yesterday we walked into Gisborne. I thought the walk was good. I liked walking with Miss Hunichen because we got to see the difference between goods and services. I also liked playing on the equipment. I played ‘spies’, then police with Sienna and Oliver. I didn’t like walking up the hill because it was hot and steep. On our walk I learnt that the SES have a big light and that they train at night. We also did some lying down after we walked through the shops. What part of the walk did you like?

From Neivh


What was your favourite part of the walk?

What did you learn from our walk?

12 thoughts on “The Long Walk!

  1. Dear Grade 1
    Thank you for allowing me to participate in your walk to town. I had a very enjoyable day visiting the emergency services, having lunch and then walking around the shops. Most of all, you should be very proud of your effort in walking to and from Gisborne without complaint and looking after eachother, it was a long walk which you handled extremely well. I look forward to the next outing.
    (James’ Mum)

  2. To Miss Hunichen

    I learnt that the cutters were for opening car door`s,not for cutting paper.

    I liked it at the park because I went down the slide lots of times.

    From Milly

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen I learnt that the CFA
    use secret doors . what did you
    learn? when I got back I was tired.
    from Fintan

    • Dear Fintan
      What do you mean the CFA use secret doors? That sounds very interesting! Mrs Hollands and I have a secret way into Mrs Dawson’s classroom, I wonder if you know where? I learnt that the CFA use different trucks for different jobs that they go to and that the trucks carry different amounts of water.
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Dear readers, when we walked into town I thought it was a long way to walk. I didnt like it when we were eating snack and lunch because there was a bee flying around. I liked the CFA because we got to see the sprinklers and Cody got to turn the switch on on the truck. I liked the SES because they showed us how they cut into car doors. It was interesting to see them cut open the car door. I liked liked seeing Miss Hunichen’s dad. I liked the police station because I found out that Grace H had her auntie doing the excursion at the station. I learned how heavy the hand cuffs were and I liked being locked in the cell but I wouldn’t like to have to stay in there.
    From Amelia

    • Dear Amelia
      Wow! What a grat recount of the walk you have written. You have remembered lots of really excellent information and I like that you found something good to say about each place that we visited. I think I liked the CFA the best because I thought that all of the men that spoke to you had lots of interesting information to share. I thought it was funny to see my dad in the photos in the SES building, they were taken when Miss Hunichen was only a little baby. Do you think you’d like to join the SES when you grow up?
      Miss Hunichen

  5. Dear Mrs Hollands,
    My favourite part on the walk was when we went to see the SES, CFA and the Police station. They were my favourite because I learn’t lots of interesting stuff like the night shift at the police station, and the SES use cutters to cut doors open if the doors are stuck on the car when there is an emergency.
    Were you tired when you got up to the top of the hill?
    Love from

  6. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    After our big walk into Gisborne and morning tea we went to the CFA first, I really liked going through the truck. I learnt that if people are stuck in a car the SES will use the Jaws of Life to get them out. Also on top of the SES truck is a light that goes up and up and up and up, this is called a flood light. The SES used this light at the art room fire to help show the CFA where the fire was. I was scared going into the cells at the Police station as I was worried that there were naughty people in there, I really didn’t like the toilet either it was disgusting. The handcuffs were really heavy and we got to see Tracey the Police ladies locker.

    I don’t want to do any of these jobs becuase I am going to play football for the Kangaroos.

    I really didn’t like the walk up the big hill as it was really tiring, I was happy we had a rest in the middle but my legs were really sore. I yelled out towards Swinburne Kinder to Jack and Zoe.

    From Cameron

    • Dear Cameron
      Wow this is a fabulous recount of our walk into Gisborne. You have included lots of great detail about each place that you visited and told me all about the things that you liked. I thought that the walk back up the hill was very tiring too and it was pretty warm. I was glad to have a nice big drink of water when we got back to school.
      What would you like to do at school next term?
      From Miss Hunichen

  7. Dear Mrs Hollands
    My favourite part of the walk was going to visit the fire station, the police station and the SES. I learnt that police don’t use their guns very much and that they arrest really bad people. I would not like to be locked up in the cell. It was fun for just a minute but I wouldn’t like it any longer than that. The walk back up the hill was hot and long. I was happy to have an icy pole when I got home.
    From Henry

  8. Dear Miss Hunichen
    on the walk I learnt lots of things that were interesting. One of them was that the SES
    number is different to the others. What did you learn and Happy Easter.
    from Fintan

    • Dear Fintan
      This is a great coment. I like that you have told me something that you learnt and also asked a question too, well done! I learnt lots of things on our walk down into Gisborne, it’s hard to remember them all now though as the walk seems like such a long time ago! I enjoyed the CFA most though as they had lots to show us and spoke to you children really well! I hope you are enjoying your holidays and have been doing lots of reading. Did you do anything special for Easter? What did the Easter Bunny bring you?
      Miss Hunichen

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