4 thoughts on “Community Helpers Quiz

    • Dear Fintan
      I hope that you are enjoying your school holidays. Its great to knpw you have spent some of your holidays reading the blog and leaving comments. Make sure you try and leave some more details in your comments and try writing some questions. You might also like to write a comment to other children in our grade! Enjoy your Easter and we look forward to seeing you back at school soon.
      From Miss Hunichen

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen I learnt that the C.F.A and the M.F.B had small hoses and BIG hoses.I also learnt that the S.E.S had a duck head. What did you learn.
    From Jack.

    • Dear Jack
      It seems like you all learnt so much about our different community helpers. We were so lucky to have so many great people come in and speak to you all about their wonderful jobs! Did you have a favourite community helper to learn about? I hope you are looking forward to learning all about dinosuars in Term 2. Do you have a favourite dinosaur?
      From Miss Hunichen

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