Awesome and Amazing Alliterations

This week the children were introduced to the concept of alliterations when we read a book called ‘Dinosaur Days’.

Alliteration refers to the repetition of a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of words and/or phrases, for example:

Raging Rhinos roast red raspberries rapidly.

The children worked really hard to come up with a clever alliterative sentence that included their name. Have a look at their beautiful posters below.


Can you think of a clever alliterative sentence that include the names of your brother or sister?

How many words with the same starting sound can you put into a SENSIBLE sentence?


Today we started learning all about syllables.

Syllables are ways to split words into speech sounds. We naturally say words using syllables, but we don’t usually think about it until we need to separate the syllables for reading or spelling purposes.

When we learn to read, and as we encounter more difficult words, we may need to decode a word. You’ll often hear someone telling a reader to “sound it out” or “break the word into parts.” When we do this, breaking the word into syllables can help us read the word. Here are a few examples:

word- one syllable, word

spelling- two syllables, spell/ing

computer- three syllables, com/pu/ter

Breaking a word into syllables can also help when we learn to spell new words. tiger- two syllables, ti/ger

Have a look at the following games and videos on syllables for some extra practise!

Can you think of some words that have 1, 2 or 3 syllables?

Can you think of any words with more than 4 syllables?

Hair Colour, Eye Colour and Smartie Colours

This week the children have been very busy during maths sessions. They have been learning all about graphing!



They learnt how to create a graph by taking a tally, giving their graph a title, knowing what each axis should show and how to interpret information shown on a graph.

We graphed all sorts of different things from eye colour and hair colour to Smartie colours and jelly bean colours. We also graphed the characters on the back of the Smarties packets.

What did you learn about graphing?

What other things do you think we could graph?

Police Man – Joe Grbac

On Wednesday this week the children were treated to a visit from Joe Grbac. Joe works out of Kyenton police station and has been a police officer for many years. He loves visiting children in schools and teaching them the important points of being a police man. He was very entertaining to listen to and had the children in fits of laughter for most of it! The children enjoyed looking at the police cars Joe brought with him and also tested out the ‘comfortable’ seats in the back of the divvy van.


What did you learn from policeman Joe’s visit?

Happy Holidays

Hi Girls and Boys

I hope you are having a fantastic holiday and that the Easter Bunny found you all. The Easter Bunny even left me some chocolate! I would love to hear about some of the things that you have all been up to as I bet you have all been very busy!

Mrs Hollands and I have been busy catching up with our families and seeing some of our friends. Mrs Hollands has been away to Rosebud and I am going horseriding down that way this weekend so I am looking forward to that.

I have spent lots of time today changing bits and pieces on the blog so make sure you have a good look around. Try feeding the frog on the side!

What have you been busy doing on the holidays?

What do you think of the new theme and things on the blog?

Junior School Council Reps

In the middle of Term 1 each class had to vote for two children to represent their class on the Junior School Council. These positions are very important and the chosen children need to be able to communicate different things that happen in meetings to their class.

A number of children volunteered to fill these positions and in the end we had to take a class vote. The voting was very close in both classes but we would like to congratulate Fintan and Neivh from 1B and Ella and Jacob from 1C for being our successful candidates. We know they will take their positions very seriously.

What would you like to see our Junior School Council Reps do for our school?

A Sad Goodbye

On the last day of term we had a special fish and chip lunch for one of our students. Alex is leaving us as he and his family are moving to Caroline Springs. Alex will start Term 2 at Parkwood Green Primary School. We wish him all the best at his new school and are very sure that he will make lots of new friends. We will miss Alex’s happy smiling face.


What will you miss most about Alex?