Junior School Council Reps

In the middle of Term 1 each class had to vote for two children to represent their class on the Junior School Council. These positions are very important and the chosen children need to be able to communicate different things that happen in meetings to their class.

A number of children volunteered to fill these positions and in the end we had to take a class vote. The voting was very close in both classes but we would like to congratulate Fintan and Neivh from 1B and Ella and Jacob from 1C for being our successful candidates. We know they will take their positions very seriously.

What would you like to see our Junior School Council Reps do for our school?

2 thoughts on “Junior School Council Reps

  1. Dear Junior School Council Reps
    Could you please asks the teachers in charge of the Junior School Council to fill up the parts of the oval inside the running that have holes because it’s dangerous.

    From Milly

    • Dear Milly
      I agree with your suggestion for the oval, it would be great if the oval track was redone. Make sure you tell Fintan and Neivh before they go to their next money. Maybe we could have a fundraiser!
      Miss Hunichen

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