Hair Colour, Eye Colour and Smartie Colours

This week the children have been very busy during maths sessions. They have been learning all about graphing!



They learnt how to create a graph by taking a tally, giving their graph a title, knowing what each axis should show and how to interpret information shown on a graph.

We graphed all sorts of different things from eye colour and hair colour to Smartie colours and jelly bean colours. We also graphed the characters on the back of the Smarties packets.

What did you learn about graphing?

What other things do you think we could graph?

6 thoughts on “Hair Colour, Eye Colour and Smartie Colours

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I learnt in graphing that you have to have perfect straight lines for the graph. Maybe we could graph people’s favorite footy team or favorite color.
    From Milly.

    • Hi Milly
      You did some fantastic work on graphing during the week. You worked really hard to come up with a survey idea and were very brave to go into another classroom to tally your results. We will definitely do a footy graph before the end of the year.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear Ms Hunichen,
    What a beautiful diverse bunch of kids you have in your class, and to learn this with smarties and jelly beans! Well that just makes it extra fun.
    Thanks for keeping it interesting.

    • Hi Lana
      Thank you for your lovely comment on the blog. Belinda and I are very lucky to have such a lovely bunch of children. They have provided us with some wonderful memories. We like to keep things interesting in the classroom so try and use a wide range of approaches. We are looking forward to having you in the classroom on a Wednesday morning!
      From Tara

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I think we could make a graph of kids fav toys!
    I showed Mum and my cousin Jess how we did the graphs. They were very impressed. From Fletcher

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