Awesome and Amazing Alliterations

This week the children were introduced to the concept of alliterations when we read a book called ‘Dinosaur Days’.

Alliteration refers to the repetition of a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of words and/or phrases, for example:

Raging Rhinos roast red raspberries rapidly.

The children worked really hard to come up with a clever alliterative sentence that included their name. Have a look at their beautiful posters below.


Can you think of a clever alliterative sentence that include the names of your brother or sister?

How many words with the same starting sound can you put into a SENSIBLE sentence?

15 thoughts on “Awesome and Amazing Alliterations

    • Wow Fletcher
      These are great alliterations for your brother and sister! I wonder if you can think of some for your mum and dad too?
      Miss Hunichen

  1. Dear Mrs Hollands

    I can think of an alliterative sentence for my brother Jack.

    Jolly Jack joins the jumping jungle jamboree.

    What do you think of that Mrs Hollands?

    From Sophie

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen, girls and boys,
    I thought of an alliteration for my sisters:
    ‘Special Scarlet Sprinkles Strawberry Seeds in the Soil on Sunday’
    ‘Darling Darcy Dances Dizzily Down the street to get Donuts’
    here’s a different one for me…….
    ‘Amazing Alannah Adores Apples in the Afternoon, After Art”
    (From Mum and Dad….
    Awesome Alannah Always Argues Againsts Adults Advice!!!)

    • Hi Alannah
      It’s great to see you commenting on the blog! You have done a fabulous job with your alliterations. I especially like the one you mum has written about you! Maybe you could try and think of a clever one for your mum and dad too?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    Here is alliterations I thought up for my family
    Naughty Narelle never nibbles nobs.
    Jolly Jack jokes in jelly beans.
    Evil Eloise eats eggs.
    Rich Richard rides rabbits.
    Cool Cameron chased a car.
    From Cameron

    • Hi Cameron
      You have done a fabulous job with your alliterations! I love that you have taken it further and done one for your mum and dad too! I think the one Milly made up for my mum was very funny, do you remember what it was? Can you think of an alliterative sentence with more than 5 words?
      Miss Hunichen

      • Here is one for our dog Pippy
        Playful Pippy Puts Powder on her Paws
        and my cousin Olivia
        Outstanding Olivia Opens a Orange On October

  4. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I have thought of an alliteration sentence for my sisters. Zippy Zara zooms to the zoo. Zillionaire Zoe zigzags down zoo-zoo road.

    From Zara and Jack.

    • Hi Jack
      You were clever to be able to think of different alliterations for your sisters considering both of their names start with ‘z’. I wonder why you don’t have a name that starts with ‘z’ as well, can you think of a boys name starting with ‘z’?
      Miss Hunichen

  5. dear miss hunichen
    here is my allitteration
    shy shyla has a shower
    funny finn flys fabulously for fun
    love neivh

    • Dear Neivh
      I really like the alliterations you have written for you brother and sister. I am especially impressed that for Shyla you have included the ‘sh’ sound in all of your words. I wonder if you can think of one where all the words have a ‘ch’ sound at the start?
      Miss Hunichen

  6. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I have thought of an alliteration. It is for my sister Ruby. It is Racing Ruby Rides Round Rocks on Rollerblades.
    From Fintan!

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