What’s the Chance

Thrughout the week Grade 1B and 1C have been learning all about chance. We read some stories from Sunshine Online that talked about the chance of certain events occuring. After reading the stories we brainstormed a list of words that were associated with chance. Have a look at our words below:

Will Happen

Might Happen

Can’t Happen













                           Very Likely                                  Not Likely                                                                        Highly Unlikely

We also used some great games on the interactive whiteboard to help us understand chance better. Use them at home to help you practise!




Can you think of an unlikely or a likely event? Be careful that they are not impossible or certain!

Telling the Time

Telling the time can be tricky, there are so many hands to look at! The hand that moves really quickly is called the second hand. The big hand is also called the minute hand and it counts the minutes. The little hand keeps track of the hours.

At the moment we are working on telling o’clock time. We learnt that for o’clock time the big hand always poins to the 12.

Use the games below to pratice telling o’clock time at home



What did you think of these games for helping learn o’clock time?

Do you know of any other websites to help us learn o’clock time?

One Direction

This week the children (and Miss Hunichen) have really enjoyed hearing One Direction as our bell music! We all love to have some fun and have a bit of a sing and dance when we hear them. So that you all know the words I have found a video for each of their hit songs with lyrics you can learn!!

Which One Direction song is your favourite?

What other music do you like to listen to?


National Walk Safely to School Day

This Friday the 18th May 2012 is National Walk Safely to School Day. We are inviting our school community to walk, ride or skate/scoot all or part of the way to school. The crossing at Chessy Park Dve will be supervised. Fruit will be handed out at the canteen to students as they arrive to school.
Please remember this is about being safe.
If you are riding, scooting or skating remember to wear your helmet.
If you are walking, riding, scooting or skating remember to Stop, Look, Listen, Think before crossing the road
• stop one step back from the kerb
• look and listen for traffic
• decide whether it is safe to cross
• keep looking and listening during the crossing.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day to all our mums.The children were asked on Friday what makes their mum special and why they love their mums.  These were their responses:
I like it best when you…

  • kiss me in bed (Tess)
  • give me a kiss and cuddle (Cody)
  • cook with me (Grace H)
  • say you love me (Grace J)
  • kiss me in bed at night and make me dinner (Jarrod)
  • care for me (Fintan)
  • kiss me goodnight (Neivh)
  • buy me toys (Jackson)
  • play lego with me (Edward)
  • hug me in bed (Jessie)
  • cuddle me in bed (Fletcher)
  • are in the canteen (Cameron)
  • let us have fish and chips (Amelia)
  • help me do my reading (Milly)
  • give me a kiss and cuddle (Jamie)
  • say you love me all the time (Ella)
  • give me a kiss and cuddle before I go to bed (Sophie)
  • say you love me (Eliza)
  • clean my room when I am at school (Jacob)
  • when you give me a kiss and hug (Indi)
  • always kiss me (Mikaylah)
  • give me cuddles at night (James)
  • mow the lawns (Joshua)
  • give me a hug (Blake)
  • make me dinner (Henry)
  • give me toys (Deegan)
  • read me a bed time story every night (Zac)
  • take me places (Daniel)
  • give me hugs and kisses (Xavier)
  • kiss me at bed time and read me a story (Ruby)

Dinosaur Drama

On Friday the 11th of May, The Drama Toolbox came to visit the Grade Ones. Each class got to participate in an hour workshop called “Dinosaurs” with the very wonderful Amy- a skilled drama specialist. With beautiful costumes and delightful music, the children were able to become a dinosaur and explore the environment around them. With Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pteranadon, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurs and Triceratops costumes, children used dramatic techniques and movement to create a dinosaur spectatular. Children explored the dinosaur life cycle through nest building, egg hatching, living in a herd and searching for new habitats. They rolled in the mud, drank from the waterfall and looked for food.


What was your favourite part of the Drama Toolbox?

Which dinosaurs did you get to dress up as?

Our Changing Earth

Today the children learnt all about what the earth looked like when the dinosaurs roamed the land.

The important things we wanted them to learn were:

1/ Originally there was one giant supercontinent called Pangea

2/ Pangea broke up into Gondwanaland and Laurasia during the Jurassic Period

3/ Gondwanaland and Laurasia broke up into the continents we have today during the Cretaceous period

4/ The weather was very different during each of the dinosuar time periods

Have a look at the table below and see what else you can tell me about the different time periods!

Click on the link below to watch a video that shows the changing earth!

continental drift

What would you like to know about the different time periods?

What did you find out about the weather in each period?