Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day to all our mums.The children were asked on Friday what makes their mum special and why they love their mums. Β These were their responses:
I like it best when you…

  • kiss me in bed (Tess)
  • give me a kiss and cuddle (Cody)
  • cook with me (Grace H)
  • say you love me (Grace J)
  • kiss me in bed at night and make me dinner (Jarrod)
  • care for me (Fintan)
  • kiss me goodnight (Neivh)
  • buy me toys (Jackson)
  • play lego with me (Edward)
  • hug me in bed (Jessie)
  • cuddle me in bed (Fletcher)
  • are in the canteen (Cameron)
  • let us have fish and chips (Amelia)
  • help me do my reading (Milly)
  • give me a kiss and cuddle (Jamie)
  • say you love me all the time (Ella)
  • give me a kiss and cuddle before I go to bed (Sophie)
  • say you love me (Eliza)
  • clean my room when I am at school (Jacob)
  • when you give me a kiss and hug (Indi)
  • always kiss me (Mikaylah)
  • give me cuddles at night (James)
  • mow the lawns (Joshua)
  • give me a hug (Blake)
  • make me dinner (Henry)
  • give me toys (Deegan)
  • read me a bed time story every night (Zac)
  • take me places (Daniel)
  • give me hugs and kisses (Xavier)
  • kiss me at bed time and read me a story (Ruby)

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Hi Mrs Hollands
    On Mothers Day we cooked Mum breakfast in bed and we gave her lots of presents
    From Mikaylah πŸ™‚

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