One Direction

This week the children (and Miss Hunichen) have really enjoyed hearing One Direction as our bell music! We all love to have some fun and have a bit of a sing and dance when we hear them. So that you all know the words I have found a video for each of their hit songs with lyrics you can learn!!

Which One Direction song is your favourite?

What other music do you like to listen to?


National Walk Safely to School Day

This Friday the 18th May 2012 is National Walk Safely to School Day. We are inviting our school community to walk, ride or skate/scoot all or part of the way to school. The crossing at Chessy Park Dve will be supervised. Fruit will be handed out at the canteen to students as they arrive to school.
Please remember this is about being safe.
If you are riding, scooting or skating remember to wear your helmet.
If you are walking, riding, scooting or skating remember to Stop, Look, Listen, Think before crossing the road
• stop one step back from the kerb
• look and listen for traffic
• decide whether it is safe to cross
• keep looking and listening during the crossing.