What’s the Chance

Thrughout the week Grade 1B and 1C have been learning all about chance. We read some stories from Sunshine Online that talked about the chance of certain events occuring. After reading the stories we brainstormed a list of words that were associated with chance. Have a look at our words below:

Will Happen

Might Happen

Can’t Happen













                           Very Likely                                  Not Likely                                                                        Highly Unlikely

We also used some great games on the interactive whiteboard to help us understand chance better. Use them at home to help you practise!




Can you think of an unlikely or a likely event? Be careful that they are not impossible or certain!

2 thoughts on “What’s the Chance

  1. Hi Year 1B and Year !C
    Just 5 weeks to go for me with my little Year 1 class. Boy they have improved so much. By working hard all through the year they can all read and write stories and add and take away and paint and draw and love music and PE.
    Are you looking after your teachers?
    Is Mrs Holland’s baby belly HUGE or just ENORMOUS?
    Mr Ward

    • Dear Mr Ward
      Thank you for visiting our blog, we certainly miss having you around at school! Your children sound like they have been working very hard with you, do you have a blog? We have been learning all about dinosaurs this term and are very excited about going to the Museum next week. Do your children have a favourite dinosaur? Most of us like T-Rex because he is big and mean. Our teachers have been very busy testing us so that they can write our reports. They can’t wait until the holidays! What are you going to do on your holidays? Are you excited about having a new grade? Will it still be grade 1?
      Mrs Hollands’ baby is kicking lots and her belly is getting bigger and bigger, she still looks beautiful though!!
      We hope you will visit us soon.
      Grade 1B and 1C

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