Our Dinosaur projects

The Triassic Period 

Week 5

The children became experts on the dinosuars from the Triassic period. The children worked in partners to research their given dinosaur. They were required to read the information given to them and to find out different things about their dinosaur. They then filled in the boxes with the correct information. Their projects have come up really well for a first attempt and we look forward to seeing them improve as we learn about the two remaining periods.

After completing great projects on the Triassic dinosaurs the children were keen to improve their researching and presentation skills.

 The Jurassic Period

Week 6

This time it was the Jurassic dinosaurs that we were investigating. The children were paired up with new partners and they couldn’t wait to start.They have improved their reading skills and have worked hard on their bubble writing.

The Creteceous Period

Week 8

The children are now project experts! They are able to read information on their chosen dinosaur and can classify the information under the correct headings.

They are very much looking forward to beginning their own projects. Before we do however they had one last practise with a partner. This time they researched a dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period.


What did you enjoy doing?

What did you find difficult?


It’s a Jolly Jump Off Day!

Today, the children at New Gisborne Primary School participated in a ‘Jump Off’ day as part of the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.

The children over the past term have been learning how to skip during P.E sessions and we have been impressed with the amount of children coming to school with their own skipping ropes, practicing every chance they have.

The Jump Off Day was held in the gymnasium. Children were put into small groups with two excellent Grade Six helpers and began with a warm up.  After the workup we were ready to start! The activities were set up like a circuit. We rotated around eight different skipping related activities. They included hoop skipping, an obstacle course, colouring in the skipping boy/girl, individual speed skipping, long rope skipping, trick skipping and jumping activities.

Miss Hunichen showed off her skipping skills to the children! Mr Goodyear did a wonderful job in organising the day and we thank him heaps!

Congratulations to everyone so far. We have raised $3462 as of today and 104 students have registered. There is still two weeks to go so keep up the great work.


What was your favourite activity during the Jump Off hour?

What is your favourite skipping trick?

Our Exciting Excursion

On Thursday 14th of June, all the Grade 1s visited the Melbourne Museum for the day. It was a very busy day and all the children were extremely excited! We looked at lots of exibits, finally getting to the Dinosaur Walk and having a session with the Education Officer about fossils and what we can learn from them. We are sure your children were full of the days excitement but here are a few visuals to add to it. All the Grade 1s were mixed and split into 2 groups so if you don’t see your child they may have been in the other group though they did see most of the same exhibits.

Jarrod’s Recount of the Excursion
Yesterday morning all the Grade Ones, their teachers and parent helpers went to the Melbourne Museum to learn more about dinosaurs.
The first thing we did was look at the stuffed animals, my two favourite things were the polar bear and the bear. After that our group went to look at the human body. I liked looking at the hip muscle. Then we looked at the bugs, I loved the ant mound, it was amazing. Next we went to the sea creatures, I liked the teeth on the shark.
Neivh’s Recount of the Excursion
On Thursday morning all of the grade ones, their teachers and some parent helpers went to the Melbourne Museum to learn more about dinosaurs. The first thing we did was look in the Children’s Museum. Jackson and I weighed the same as a freshwater crocodile. Then I went in a triangle of mirrors. Then we looked at the bugs. While Fintan and Jackson looked at the ants I looked at the spiders, they were scary. After tha we went in a small room, it was funny because it took a small video of what you did. Next we had lunch and then we went on the playground, it was fun. Second we looked at the dinosaurs. I thought one was climbing out. Next we investigated the fossils. Finally we went home. I thought the musem was exciting.

What was your favourite part of the museum?

What didn’t you like about the excursion?

Walk with the Dinosaurs

dino walk

This week Grade 1 children will be visiting the Melbourne Museum. We are going to be looking at lots of different exhibits that will complement all of the things we have been learning in class.

The part we think the children are most looking forward to though is the ‘Dinosaur Walk’. Here they will be able to duck beneath the belly of a massive Mamenchisaurus and contemplate the speed of the small and agile Hypsilophodon. Walk up high to where the flying reptiles soar and imagine Quetzalcoatlus swooping for prey.

Before visiting the museum the children should visit the website and take a virtual tour of this amazing exhibit.


Explore this website, meet the skeletons and learn amazing facts about these prehistoric animals.  Access the education resources and have some prehistoric fun playing the activities.

What did you learn while exploring this website?

Cyber Safety Week


Next week (11th – 15th of June) is Cyber Safety Week. This is a good chance to revise all of the Cyber Safety tips that you children learnt during Rotation in Term One. During Rotation with Miss Hunichen we focussed on Cyber Bullying and how to be safe when online.

In order to do this we used a series of short videos called Hector’s World. We watched all 5 videos from the ‘Keeping Your Personal Information Safe’ section.

You might like to view these videos again with your child and discuss the story lines with them.

Click on the link below to view the videos.


 The following video also reinforces some of the things the children learnt while watching Hectors World.

What have you learnt from Hector’s World?

Who is your favourite character from Hector’s World?


PARENTS:  Please have a look at our Common Sense Media Widget on the top right hand side as it provides useful information for parents.

Layers Week

This week at New Gisborne Primary School it is Layers Week.

We have been running Layers Week since 2005 in a bid to encourage children to rug up and save energy.

On Monday the children rugged up in all their layers. It was The children were asked to wear extra layers of clothing to help us launch Layers Week. Some children wore a couple of hats, a jacket, several scarves, and even an extra pair of pants…it was a fun event and some of our students were almost unrecognisable due to their many layers.

Click on the following link to open the Layers Week activity poster



What do you like/not like about Winter?

What’s your favourite food to keep you warm in Winter?