Cyber Safety Week


Next week (11th – 15th of June) is Cyber Safety Week. This is a good chance to revise all of the Cyber Safety tips that you children learnt during Rotation in Term One. During Rotation with Miss Hunichen we focussed on Cyber Bullying and how to be safe when online.

In order to do this we used a series of short videos called Hector’s World. We watched all 5 videos from the ‘Keeping Your Personal Information Safe’ section.

You might like to view these videos again with your child and discuss the story lines with them.

Click on the link below to view the videos.

 The following video also reinforces some of the things the children learnt while watching Hectors World.

What have you learnt from Hector’s World?

Who is your favourite character from Hector’s World?


PARENTS:  Please have a look at our Common Sense Media Widget on the top right hand side as it provides useful information for parents.

3 thoughts on “Cyber Safety Week

  1. Dear Mrs Hollands,

    My favourite character from Hector’s World is Tama. I look forward to learning about cyber safety next week.

    From Chelsea

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    My favourite character in Hectors World is Sprat.
    I like Sprat because he plays on a ds.

    From Jamie

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