Our Exciting Excursion

On Thursday 14th of June, all the Grade 1s visited the Melbourne Museum for the day. It was a very busy day and all the children were extremely excited! We looked at lots of exibits, finally getting to the Dinosaur Walk and having a session with the Education Officer about fossils and what we can learn from them. We are sure your children were full of the days excitement but here are a few visuals to add to it. All the Grade 1s were mixed and split into 2 groups so if you don’t see your child they may have been in the other group though they did see most of the same exhibits.

Jarrod’s Recount of the Excursion
Yesterday morning all the Grade Ones, their teachers and parent helpers went to the Melbourne Museum to learn more about dinosaurs.
The first thing we did was look at the stuffed animals, my two favourite things were the polar bear and the bear. After that our group went to look at the human body. I liked looking at the hip muscle. Then we looked at the bugs, I loved the ant mound, it was amazing. Next we went to the sea creatures, I liked the teeth on the shark.
Neivh’s Recount of the Excursion
On Thursday morning all of the grade ones, their teachers and some parent helpers went to the Melbourne Museum to learn more about dinosaurs. The first thing we did was look in the Children’s Museum. Jackson and I weighed the same as a freshwater crocodile. Then I went in a triangle of mirrors. Then we looked at the bugs. While Fintan and Jackson looked at the ants I looked at the spiders, they were scary. After tha we went in a small room, it was funny because it took a small video of what you did. Next we had lunch and then we went on the playground, it was fun. Second we looked at the dinosaurs. I thought one was climbing out. Next we investigated the fossils. Finally we went home. I thought the musem was exciting.

What was your favourite part of the museum?

What didn’t you like about the excursion?

7 thoughts on “Our Exciting Excursion

  1. I loved the giant Squid and the T-Rex. It was fun having dad there too.
    I did not like the spiders and the movie in the insect room. It was scary.
    From Fletcher

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    My favourite part of the Museum was the Fossils because the T Rex looked interesting. I learnt that spiders make webs by using water and materials.

    I didn’t like the horse because I don’t like horses.



    • Dear Jamie
      It’s great to see you commenting on the blog still! Don’t forget to make sure you write who your comment is from though. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to the museum. There were so many different things to look at! I really liked the animal gallery. What is your favourite dinosaur?
      Miss Hunichen

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