It’s a Jolly Jump Off Day!

Today, the children at New Gisborne Primary School participated in a ‘Jump Off’ day as part of the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.

The children over the past term have been learning how to skip during P.E sessions and we have been impressed with the amount of children coming to school with their own skipping ropes, practicing every chance they have.

The Jump Off Day was held in the gymnasium. Children were put into small groups with two excellent Grade Six helpers and began with a warm up.  After the workup we were ready to start! The activities were set up like a circuit. We rotated around eight different skipping related activities. They included hoop skipping, an obstacle course, colouring in the skipping boy/girl, individual speed skipping, long rope skipping, trick skipping and jumping activities.

Miss Hunichen showed off her skipping skills to the children! Mr Goodyear did a wonderful job in organising the day and we thank him heaps!

Congratulations to everyone so far. We have raised $3462 as of today and 104 students have registered. There is still two weeks to go so keep up the great work.


What was your favourite activity during the Jump Off hour?

What is your favourite skipping trick?

One thought on “It’s a Jolly Jump Off Day!

  1. Dear Mrs Hollands I am so happy that we were able to jump rope for heart to raise lots of money I really enjoy jumping rope and had lots of fun From Mikaylah

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