London 2012

Over the next two weeks at school we will be focusing some of our activities on the Olympic Games. Today the children were very eager to share with us what they already knew about the Olympics and what they had seen from the Opening Ceremony over the weekend. This afternoon we looked at the Olympic Rings, We learnt that there were five different coloured rings and that they represent the continents. Each country also has at least one of the five ring colours on its flag.

The children were very excited to watch video highlights from some of the events of the weekend and are keen to access these at home. Below are some great websites which your child can do this.

What do you already know about the Olympic Games?

What would you like to learn about the Olympics?

Project Presentations

Before the holidays the children worked really hard to complete their very own dinosaur projects. This included choosing a dinosaur, researching the information needed and then working out how they were going to present all of this information. As we ran out of time at the end of last term we used a session in our first week back for the children to reflect on their projects and the process they went through to complete them.

The children were very thoughtful in their reflections and were each able to choose something that they liked about their own project as well as something that they liked about someone elses project.

It was harder for the children to think of something they didn’t like about their projects, however after some discussion with their peers they were all able to come up with something whether it was neater handwriting, better colouring or more pictures.

We would like to celebrate the children’s excellent work by posting their finished projects here as a slideshow. Projects are also displayed in your child’s classroom if you would like to come in for a closer look.


What do you think of our projects?

What did you learn about dinosaurs?

Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back for another busy term. We hope you all had an enjoyable break. The children have settled back into the routines of school quite well and have been working hard to write down three different things they did on the holidays.

On Thursday my family and our cousins went to Wonderland Fun Park. We got to watch a circus that had lots of acrobats doing great tricks. My favourite part was when the acrobats stood on eachother’s head. (Chelsea)

On Friday and Saturday I went to Swan Hill. I went there with my nanna, mum, dad and brother Daniel. When we got to Swan Hill we went on a jumping castle. (Indiana)

On Saturday I stayed at home and played with Eliza. We played X-Box360. The game we played was Kenect Sports Session Two. It was lots of fun! (Ruby)

On Sunday I played Lego. I built a car. It was really cool. After that I watched a movie called New Elves. I really enjoyed the movie. Then I played with my brother. (Blake)

On the holidays I went to Etihad Stadium. First we gave the man the tickets. Then we had to go up to the 3rd Floor. Next Geelong kicked a point. Then Collingwood took over. When it finished, Dane Swan kicked a goal. (Edward)

On the holidays I went to Sydney with my family. It took us a day to get there. We drove. We stayed in a hotel with a pool and a spa. (Tess)

I went to Anglesea with my family. I saw my friends there. We went on our skateboards and down a hill. I fell over on my skateboard. (Jackson)

On Thursday I went to Louella’s to have a sleep over. I went by myself. My favourite bit was when we watched Hugo. I loved it. Hugo was about a man who made movies. (Neivh)