Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back for another busy term. We hope you all had an enjoyable break. The children have settled back into the routines of school quite well and have been working hard to write down three different things they did on the holidays.

On Thursday my family and our cousins went to Wonderland Fun Park. We got to watch a circus that had lots of acrobats doing great tricks. My favourite part was when the acrobats stood on eachother’s head. (Chelsea)

On Friday and Saturday I went to Swan Hill. I went there with my nanna, mum, dad and brother Daniel. When we got to Swan Hill we went on a jumping castle. (Indiana)

On Saturday I stayed at home and played with Eliza. We played X-Box360. The game we played was Kenect Sports Session Two. It was lots of fun! (Ruby)

On Sunday I played Lego. I built a car. It was really cool. After that I watched a movie called New Elves. I really enjoyed the movie. Then I played with my brother. (Blake)

On the holidays I went to Etihad Stadium. First we gave the man the tickets. Then we had to go up to the 3rd Floor. Next Geelong kicked a point. Then Collingwood took over. When it finished, Dane Swan kicked a goal. (Edward)

On the holidays I went to Sydney with my family. It took us a day to get there. We drove. We stayed in a hotel with a pool and a spa. (Tess)

I went to Anglesea with my family. I saw my friends there. We went on our skateboards and down a hill. I fell over on my skateboard. (Jackson)

On Thursday I went to Louella’s to have a sleep over. I went by myself. My favourite bit was when we watched Hugo. I loved it. Hugo was about a man who made movies. (Neivh)

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