Project Presentations

Before the holidays the children worked really hard to complete their very own dinosaur projects. This included choosing a dinosaur, researching the information needed and then working out how they were going to present all of this information. As we ran out of time at the end of last term we used a session in our first week back for the children to reflect on their projects and the process they went through to complete them.

The children were very thoughtful in their reflections and were each able to choose something that they liked about their own project as well as something that they liked about someone elses project.

It was harder for the children to think of something they didn’t like about their projects, however after some discussion with their peers they were all able to come up with something whether it was neater handwriting, better colouring or more pictures.

We would like to celebrate the children’s excellent work by posting their finished projects here as a slideshow. Projects are also displayed in your child’s classroom if you would like to come in for a closer look.


What do you think of our projects?

What did you learn about dinosaurs?