London 2012

Over the next two weeks at school we will be focusing some of our activities on the Olympic Games. Today the children were very eager to share with us what they already knew about the Olympics and what they had seen from the Opening Ceremony over the weekend. This afternoon we looked at the Olympic Rings, We learnt that there were five different coloured rings and that they represent the continents. Each country also has at least one of the five ring colours on its flag.

The children were very excited to watch video highlights from some of the events of the weekend and are keen to access these at home. Below are some great websites which your child can do this.

What do you already know about the Olympic Games?

What would you like to learn about the Olympics?

3 thoughts on “London 2012

  1. Hi Grade 1 teachers,
    I think that it is great that the Olympics are on this year because all of the grade one’s get to learn about it at such a young age. I cannot wait untill Mika comes home and starts telling use all about the Olympics.

    From Maddie 5B

  2. Dear Mrs Hollands
    I have learnt that the olympic torch has 8000 holes in it which is the same amount of people that carried the torch on its way. For the first time ever womens boxing is included. I would like to know how many people will participate in the games in 2012. I would also like to know what countries don’t join in.
    My mums car is an Olympic Games Vehicle and was used in the Sydney 2000 games.
    From James

  3. Dear Mrs Hollands I had seen the London Olympic Games. In swimming Australia won a gold medal for the womens freestyle medly.
    From Mika πŸ™‚

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