Grade 1 Mini Olympics

After studying different parts of the Olympic Games over the last two weeks the children were very excited to compete in their own Olympic Games.

Unfortunately due to miserable cold and windy weather we had to hold our Mini Olympics indoors. This did not deter our athletes one little bit. They were all revved up and ready to go. We began our day by getting into our Olympic Teams.

Representing Australia was: Charlie, Edward C, Jarrod, Neivh, Billy, Ella B, Blake Y

Representing China was: Oliver, Lola, Jamie, Cody, Mikaylah, James and Deegan

Representing Britain was: Amy, Jonah, Kyla, Emma, Jack, Xavier, Alana P

Representing Jamaica was: Lauren, Blake W, Charlotte, Tess, Cameron, Anneleise and Daniel

Representing Germany was: Mitchell, Caleb, Milly, Fletcher, Grace J, Eliza and Jacob

Representing Greece was: Nathan, Ella RM, Amelia, Edward, Grace H, Indi and Sophie

Representing Japan was: Tyson, Codi, Kirsty, Fintan, Alannah L and Henry

Representing Italy was: Joshua, Ruby, Jessie, Jackson, Sabine, Sienna and Darcy

The athletes then moved to their first events, Australia started with Celebrity Heads which was held in the middle room between 1A and 2A. China excelled at the Basketball throw and Germany tested our the bars at the weightlifting event. Greece began their medal haul at the Balance Beam while Japan participated in the Obstacle Course. The British team started in the 1B and 1C middle room for a competitive game of Charades. Jamaica learnt the rules of Table Tennis while Italy worked out how to run a relay with a balloon between their knees. Teams participated in each event for about 8 minutes before moving through to the next event. Our day culminated with a medal presentation in the 1C classroom.

The day ran very well with all children showing excellent behaviour, encouragement and participation. We would like to extend a massive thank you to all of our parent helpers on the day, Anke, Vanessa, Clare, Michael, Brett, Fiona, Cindy and Simon, Sandy, Paula, Donna and Janet. Without these wonderful parents our day would not have been as sucessful.


What was your favourite event of the day and why?

If you could compete in the Olympics, what sport would you choose and why?

4 thoughts on “Grade 1 Mini Olympics

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen
    I liked our mini olympics because we did table- tennis. I loved serving. I got 9 barskets and four misses. after it I was tied my favrote olympic sport is hockey.

    • Hi Fintan
      What great comments you are writing, don’t forget to write who your comment is from though. Hockey is an interesting sport to watch, would you like to learn how to play hockey one day? I learnt to play tennis and netball when I was at school and I always did swimming lessons too. What activities do you do after school?
      From Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Jamie
      The Mini Olympics was a great day, with so many fun activities. Table tennis was hard work! I think most children really liked the basketball throw. My favourite Olmpic event to watch was the Gymnastics! What sport did you like watching?
      From Miss Hunichen

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