Who’s Behind the Book?

Next week we will be celebrating Book Week at NGPS and the children will be involved in a range of activities. Next Tuesday in Grade 1 an illustrator will be visiting us and sharing her artistic talents. Wednesday is R.I.B.I.T. (Reading in Bed is Terrific) where the children (and teachers) come dressed in pyjamas and bring along their favourite Teddy. Every day teachers will be reading picture story books to the children in the library. We hope as many children as possible will come along to listen and hopefully hear some new stories.

A traditional Book Week event that takes place every year is “Who’s behind the book?” See if you can guess the teachers that are holding each book!


Who’s behind the books?

What is your favourite book and why?

3 thoughts on “Who’s Behind the Book?

    • Dear Milly
      You have done a good job to guess Mrs McConville and I. What gave it away for you? I wonder who is holding some of the other books. I know Mrs Morris, Mrs Frame and Mrs Harris are in the somewhere. I wonder if you can work it out. What book would you be holding if you had to be in the slideshow?
      From Miss Hunichen

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