Our Interesting Illustrator

On the 21st of August in the morning Wendy Straw came to visit the Grade 1 children. She came to talk to us about how she illustrates her books. We will be illustrating our own books later this term.

Wendy started her talk by reading us Saffy’s Big Adventure. This book was very special to her because she had written and illustrated this story. Saffy was a brave, little duck that left the farm in a truck and went into town.

Next Wendy showed us how she begins her drawings. They started off as small sketches. She does her sketches in greylead first before using chalk pastels for the colour. Wendy uses her fingers to blend the colours together.

Wendy had framed pictures that she had drawn that were then used in her books. The pictures were in frames because otherwise they can end up smudged. The pictures go to an editor, a publisher and finally a printing press.

Before we went back to our tables to draw a duck, Wendy showed us lots of different duck pictures and she also showed us the special paper that she uses. When we were drawing some of us got to have a go at using Wendy’s chalk pastels and her special paper.

We learnt so many good tips about how to be a great illustrator and we were so glad to have Wendy visit us.


What did you learn from Wendy’s talk?

Would you like to be an illustrator? Why/Why not?

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