Happy Father’s Day

We would like to wish all the daddy’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day. We hope your children spoilt you with love and attention. Below are some of the reasons why you are loved so much.

I love you dad because…..

When we go motorbike riding in the Wombat forest you keep me safe. James

You are kind and also because you give me hugs and kisses. Sophie

You tell me jokes and play games with me. Xavier

You have treats and you give me some and you are funny sometimes. Eliza

You tickle me and you throw me up in the air. Chelsea

You play with me and you let me stay up late. Henry

You wrestle me and because you play with me. Indi

You help me and because you read me stories until you go to bed. Ella

You make me feel special and you tickle me. Joshua

You give me hugs at night and because you read with me. Zac

You are funny and because you tickle me. Mikaylah

You take me fishing and because you take me to the cabin. Blake

You let me snuggle up to you when you are watching TV. Ruby

You take me on rides and you take me to Highpoint. Daniel

You have a room like a library and you let me read books from it. Anneliese

You help me build stuff and ride on your dirtbike with me. Deegan

You are funny and I like playing football with you. Billy

You love me too and because you cuddle me in bed. Tess

You tickle me and because you make me laugh. Jessie

You let me stay up late and you help me learn new things. Milly

You make cubby houses with me and because you tickle me. Emma

You help me with my homework and help me build lego. Cody

You call me funny names and because you pump up my footballs. Fintan

You tickle me and you play with me. Jamie

You help me fix things and you are always there for me. Grace H

You kick the footy with me and you let me stay up late to watch the footy. Jack

You let me snuggle up with you at night and watch a movie. Amelia

You tickle me at night and sometimes you wrestle me. Jarrod

You play with me and read books with me. Neivh

You are always there for me and you always understand. Grace J

You give me cuddles and kisses. Edward

You play football with me and you tickle me. Jackson

What did you do with your daddy on Father’s Day?

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