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The last few days in Grade 1 have been full of exciting things. Yesterday we had a Fairy Tale Dress Up Day to finish our unit of work on fairy tales. We saw lots of princesses, pirates, wolves and fairies. After our parade in the courtyard we rotated through some different fairy tale activities. We made crowns with Miss Hunichen, fairy bread with Mrs Morris and sang songs with Mrs Ward. We all had a fabulous time and are looking forward to footy colours day on Friday.


The excitement didn’t stop there because on Thursday morning we had Alphashows come out to our school to perform the story of Aladdin. We couldn’t wait to see how they were going to make the story come to life. When we got there, there was lots of music playing and we were able to dance for a little bit before the show started. The show had lots of funny jokes, people playing great characters. We all enjoyed the show very much, some of our favourite parts were:

– When Ashkar told Jafar that he needed to get some deoderant because he smells. Amelia

– When Aladdin and Jasmine went flying on the magic carpet. Tess

– How the genie granted Aladdin his three wishes. Edward

– Seeing the characters do funny things like falling down ladders. Jamie

– When Jasmine and Aladdin kissed. Grace H

– When Jafar and Aladdin were sword fighting. Alannah

– When the genie was being silly and he bumped into the set and hurt his nose. Cody

– When Ashkar made a joke about Jafar weeting his pants. Fletcher

– When Aladdin freed the genie. Fintan

– When we were able to get up and dance and hi five the actors. Jack

– When the genie was trying to get Aladdin to tell Jasmine the truth. Jessie

– When Abu was making funny faces and when he jumped on Aladdin’s back. Emma

– When the characters kept using different funny voices. Jarrod

Click on the link below to see our slideshow of the performance

Aladdin Performance

Who was your favourite character and why?

How was the show different to the Aladdin DVD?

What would you wish for if you had a magic lamp with a genie inside?

5 thoughts on “Excitement Plus

    • Dear Ruby, that would be a great wish if it could come true! I would like to wish for everyone in the world to have enough to eat, I think!
      Ms Morris

  1. Dear mrs morris the songs were different they were not the same to the movie Aladin. For example the song Good time and I feel good.


    • Hello Ruby – thank you for answering the Blog questions. I loved the songs in the show we saw. They were so funny!
      From Ms Morris

  2. hello mrs morris i liked the last part of the session when we got to ask them questions and they showed us how they changed the settings.

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