Book Launch

Yesterday’s Book Launch culminated all the work the children had put into creating thier own stories. The process began in Term 3 as we were studying Fairy Tales. The children were able to chose a Fairy Tale to model their story on or they were able to use their own original ideas.
We then began the writing process, focusing on introducing and describing our good and bad characters in detail. After this was the difficult part, the introduction of the problem. Once the problem had been detailed the children worked on the solution and ending for thier stories. The writing part took the children many weeks and we couldn’t have done it without the help of some wonderful parents, so thank you to those parents.
Once the writing had been complete children thought of a title that matched their story and started work on their front covers. Front covers completed and it was onto blurbs and title pages. We began to see some wonderful pictures on both front and back covers.
Miss Hunichen and Mrs Morris then worked hard to type up all of the children’s stories so they would be ready to illustrate. Illustrations began in the last week of Term 3 and were completed by children this week. We are so proud of all of the children’s efforts and think that their books look fantastic.

Gr 1B Book Launch on PhotoPeach

Gr 1C Book Launch on PhotoPeach

What part of making your own book did you like best?

Which part of the process did you find the hardest?

Welcome Back

It’s great to back for our final term together. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready for a busy term. Mrs Morris and Miss Hunichen enjoyed their two weeks off school and got lots of things done. Mrs Morris got a new puppy called Maffy and Miss Hunichen spent some time in Queensland. Listening to the children talk about their holidays on Monday we learnt that lots of children had been to the movies, either to see Madagascar or Diary of a Wimpy Kid. A number of children had visited the Royal Melbourne Show and been on rides and bought showbags. Some of them had been away, Ocean Grove, Venus Bay and Queensland were popular destinations. Children had also enjoyed spening time with families, visiting nannas and pops and playing with cousins. It was great to see so many children had also done some reading over the holidays.

You can have a look at some photos of Miss Hunichen at Dreamworld in the slideshow below

Miss Hunichen at Dreamworld on PhotoPeach

What was your favourite part of your holidays?

What didn’t you like about the holidays?