Eggs in the classroom

As we have been learning about the farm this term we thought the children might enjoy having live chicken eggs in the classroom. The children have been so excited this week, especially when they got to watch one hatch this morning.

To read more about our chickens please visit our page called Baby Chickens.


Diggers Rest Animal Land

On Wednesday the 31st all of the Grade ones, their teachers and some parent helpers visited Animal Land in Diggers Rest. Animal Land is a wonderful farm where we were able to ride a pony, milk a cow, hold baby animals, feed the ducks and sheep, go on a tractor ride and help scoop up some poo.

After we visited the farm we talked about all of the things we really enjoyed as well as the things we didn’t enjoy as much. We also discussed some of the interesting things we saw or learnt. We created a PMI chart, which you can view by clicking the link below.

Farm PMI


Would you go back to Animal Land again? Why/Why not??

What other jobs do you think need to be done on a farm?

Merino, Jacob and Scottish Blackface

All of the above are different types of sheep. This week we have learnt so many new facts about sheep. We made fluffy sheep on Friday to display with our sheep facts.

Sheep are shorn once a year. A Jacob sheep gives us meat. It takes 5 minutes to shear a sheep. Sheep are dipped in summer to kill diseases. By Jackson

A Jacob sheep has really big horns. A Merino sheep has expensive wool. Sheep’s milk is turned into cheese. Foxes are a predator of sheep. By Grace H

China has the most sheep. Sheep have 4 stomaches. They dip sheep to kill the bugs on them. It takes 3-5 minutes to shear a sheep. Sheep sleep for 3-4 hours a day. By Jessie

Someone that looks after sheep is called a shepherd. Cottage cheese is made from sheep’s milk. Some sheep sleep while some sheep stay awake because it helps to keep them safe. By Alannah

There’s over 1 billion sheep in the world. They shear sheep once a week. A sheep’s fleece weighs between 2 and 9 kilos. A female sheep can produce 173 litres of milk in 12 weeks. By Milly

Sheep come in lots of different breeds like a Merino, a Jacob, a Little Portland lamb, a Scottish Blackface and a Southdown sheep. When a lamb is four hours old it can see and hear. By Grace J

The meat from older sheep is called Mutton. Some sheep stay awake and other sheep sleep. It’s because if a predator comes the sheep that stay away can warn the other sheep of the danger. By Edward

Sheep have different bleats. The Jacob sheep has big horns and gives us meat. The little Portland lamb’s wool changes colour from red when born to white or grey when 4 months old. By Jamie

A sheep chews its cud just like a cow. A sheep’s enemies are a fox and a snake. When little Portland lambs come out of their mum’s tummy their wool is yellowy orange. By Cameron

It takes the wool from 6 sheep to carpet your bedroom. 5 months and 5 days is how long a sheep is pregnant for. Yoghurt and cheese can be made from sheep’s milk. By Jarrod

Sheep can make 173 litres of milk in 12 weeks. A lamb’s legs get stronger as they grow. Feta cheese is made from sheep’s milk. It takes 6 sheep to carpet your bedroom. By Emma

Some sheep are bred for their meat. In winter sheep eat hay. If a sheep falls on its back it can’t get back up on its own. They use machines to milk sheep. It takes 5 minutes to milk a sheep. By Fintan

A group of sheep is called a flock. A Scottish Blackface sheep’s wool is used to make carpet. Male sheep are kept in a different paddock to the female sheep. A fox is a predator to sheep. By Jack

Lambs are born in spring. Lambs can tell which sheep is their mum by listening to their bleat. Sheep go into a special bath mix to kill any pests. It generally takes 6 sheep to carpet your bedroom. By Neivh

The Jacob sheep has very big horns. Lambs are born in spring. Foxes are predators of sheep. By Cody

Sheep’s wool is used on the outside of tennis balls. If the farmer is really good they can shear a sheep in 3 minutes. If they’re not good it takes minutes. Baby sheep can tell their mother by listening to her bleat. By Tess

A baby sheep is called a lamb. There is more than a million sheep in the world. Sheep live on farms. Sheep need to eat a lot of grass and drink lots of water. By Fletcher

Why do we farm sheep?

What do you have in your house that comes from sheep?