Picture Story Books in Grade 5/6…..

Last week we learnt that picure story books are important for all ages and that even though we are big grade 5/6 children we are never too old to sit on the floor and listen to a story. Of course there was some work to do in regards to the two stories. We were looking for hidden messages. Share the following Youtube videos (make sure you have permission first) with your family and friends and see if they can find the hidden messages.

When we did this piece of writing in class what did you find most difficult?

What is your favourite style of writing and why?

Have you found any other picture books that you think have hidden messages?


2 thoughts on “Picture Story Books in Grade 5/6…..

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I enjoyed writing the response about the two stories you read us all except having to retype the whole piece again because of my netbook.
    The part of the response that I found difficult was keeping the messages and the re- tell of the story apart and in their own paragraphs, and the whole concept of a re-telling. Last year the teachers never wanted us to re-tell stories and told us to make short and crisp and just put in the main point of the story in your piece of work. I think the reason why I struggled at keeping the messages and the re-tell of the story apart was, because I didn’t have enough sentences to my belief to fill in my paragraph and, so I just put in some messages to fill the space.
    My favourite style of writing is persuasive writing. I’m puzzled why it my favourite genre of writing because I hate persuasive writing, but I love stating my beliefs and thoughts throughout a piece of work. I also love writing narratives but I really dislike it how at school we always have to follow criteria because sometimes I just want to write wildly without criteria blocking some of my ideas.
    One of my favourite picture story books has a message throughout it. It is called ‘Witches and fairies’. It is all about how different witches are to fairies and all the different activities they participate in compared to the other kind. But one girl is a fairy and a witch. Neither group wants to accept her so she is left alone. One night the witches and the fairies have a competition of who can build the highest pyramid out of themselves. Clotilda the girl who is a witch and fairy is the referee. Both pyramids are equal and each group fights for Clotilda to join them. In the end they all collapse and turn into half fairies and half witches. Some nights they will do witch like activities and other night they will do fairy like activities. The message I got from this was to always stay yourself and don’t let people who exclude you upset you because one day they might turn out to be just like you.

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    This year I have done things to be proud of I shall name 3. I have been proud to of read thousands of pages to be rough and at least 3 series. I am also proud because I have improved at running fast for a long time ad with pleasure. I am very, very proud because I am able to run 7/8 of my block at a run with my dog, I am proud of all of these because I have done them all with pleasure and fun not to mention with help from my friends peers and teachers not to mention my awesome family.

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