Prime Factors…. Give this a go!

Here is a way to practice what you know about factors and prime numbers.

You will need to click on the image and then click   Main Games Page at top of page then on the Factor Tree Game.

Let me know what you think…helpful or not?

2 thoughts on “Prime Factors…. Give this a go!

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    ‘Prime Factors’ was a very interesting game. It showed the difference between prime numbers and composite numbers. And it also helped me to understand what factors were again.
    I found that the game was very helpful for me to understand all the things I stated before, though I did find that the same problem would appear quite often, and that I would end up with the same solution that I got before because there was no other solution for it. Beside that it was a very good game and I think everyone should try it out at least once.
    From Jessica.

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I enjoyed playing the factor tree game because I found it fun, challenging and interesting.

    Last year with Mrs Condon we did a similar thing, except we wrote it on paper and didn’t do it in a factor tree form and Mrs Condon gave us numbers that it would take a while to get to the prime number.

    I disliked it when a number like 82 came up to start off with because all I knew that would divide evenly into 82 was 2, and then 41 came up as well so that factor tree was finished because 41 is a prime number.

    I also found that the square for the composite number and the circle was helpful so that you knew when a branch or tree was finished.

    I enjoyed playing this game because it helped me practice my prime number and factor skills in an easy fun way.
    From Zoe

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