Bullying Videos

 Over the last few days we have spent a large amount of time discussing the different types of bullying, the impact that bullying has on the victim and some of the things we could be doing to stop bullying. We watched and discussed the following three videos.

Canadian Anti Bullying Ad – http://youtu.be/k623Y0u6RZ0

Words Hurt Commercial – http://youtu.be/1j6YA03hm4k

Stop Bullying Video – http://youtu.be/AcZmrp-3yCs 

Watch and discuss the videos with your parents and write a comment based around the discussion that you had.

6 thoughts on “Bullying Videos

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    Today I watched the Canadian Anti-Bullying ad and the Stop Bullying video with my mum. Although the we had a thoughtful discussion you can’t just click on the links because they take you to an edu gate page so I had to copy and paste the links into the address bar.

    My mum said that in the Stop Bullying ad it was really good that the victim forgave the bully and they became friends.

    Mum also said that in the Canadian Anti-Bullying ad it was good that the older boy helped the victim even though he didn’t know him.

    From Zoe

    • Hi Zoe
      I’m pleased to read that you found some time to share the bullying videos with your parents. It’s even better that you were able to find some extra time to leave a comment on the blog. I do apologise that you couldn’t just click on the links although I congratulate you for using your initiative in order to solve this problem.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    this afternoon (the 21/2/13) I showed the bullying videos to my parents . In the Canadian Anti Bullying Ad they thought that it was nice of the boy that had blonde hair and than dyed his hair red to stop the bully .In the words hurt video my parents strongly believe that the words at the end are true (words hurt don’t be part of it).In the Stop Bullying video my parents believe that it great in the the end when all the girls become best friends.

    • Dear Indiah
      It’s fabulous to read that you shared the bullying videos with your parents and I’m glad that they came up with the same messages that we had discussed in class. If you have time you might also like to view the music video ‘Caught in the Crowd’ by Kate Miller Heidke and let me know what your thoughts are about it. It’s important that we stand up to bullies so that we feel safe.
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear miss hunichen ,
    I Have watched this video with my dad and he thinks that people should not do that and do the right thing. I also think the same. That video was also interesting and i also learnt some things too. Thank you for showing us that video.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      I’m really pleased that you found some time to share the bullying videos with your mum and that you have left a comment on the blog about it. Your use of correct puntuation in this comment is much better, however don’t forget to use capital letters for my name. I would have liked to read more about what you learnt from the video too. You may also like to show mum the Kate Miller Heidke clip Caught in the Crowd.
      Miss Hunichen

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