Essendon Footballers visit NGPS

On Tuesday 19th February we had two very special visitors to our school. Brendan Goddard and Mark Baguley came to talk to the grade 5/6 students. Even if you are not an Essendon supporter it was fantastic to have two professional AFL players visit New Gisborne Primary. They came to explain a little bit about what it was like to be an AFL player. We heard all about their training routines, how important nutrition was as well as the sacrifices they had made to achieve their goal of becoming a professional football player.
The students asked lots of interesting questions and at the end some Essendon fans were lucky enough to get their footy jumpers or footballs signed.

Football players visit schools to publicise AFL and their team but also to inform and educate us.

Do you think it is worthwhile having them visit schools?

Post a comment with your opinion and why you believe that.

18 thoughts on “Essendon Footballers visit NGPS

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen
    I was so amazed when Brendan Goddard and Mark Baguley had come to our school. In fact it looked like I was dreaming. They talked by their health and their diet. My favourite Player is Brent Harvey and Wayne Carey. Did you know that Brent Harvey has a pinball machine at his house but his son has the high score. My Pop used to be an AFL football back in the 1960s .Who is your favourite football player and why?
    From Lachie

    • Dear Lachie
      I enjoyed reading your comment about the Essendon football players. Do you remember what Mark and Brendon said in regards to their diet? Can you remember any of the foods that they said they eat and why? I was really surprised to hear that they weigh themselves before and after training! Can you tell me why they do this? I didn’t know that Brent Harvey has a pinball machine at his house, I’ll try and remember to share that fact with my friends. I’m surprised that you know who Wayne Carey is! He was my favourite player when I was about your age. I also really liked John Longmire and Corey McKernan. I don’t really follow football much these days though and probably wouldn’t be able to name any current North Melbourne players! Who did your pop used to play for?
      From Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    I do not think that the Essendon football club should tell us about how they live. This is why I do not agree, some other people do not need to know how they live. Some people don’t want to know what happens in their lives. Lots of people won’t live like them and be like them. Some other people vote for other teams and wouldn’t want to listen to the opposite. This is way I do not agree with Essendon football players coming to schools.
    From Jack

    • Dear Jack
      I’m surprised to read that you don’t think Essendon footballers should come to schools, although I am pleased that you were able to provide reasons to support your opinion. I understand that we don’t need to know about their personal lives however didn’t you find the things they spoke about in regards to their training and diet interesting. I’m sure they know that not all children they speak to want to grow up to be footy players but I feel that alot of what they were saying was about following your dreams and working hard to achieve them. If you were to chose a positive role model to speak to the grade 5/5 children who would it be and why?
      From Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen
    I really enjoyed them coming and seeing Brendon Godard and Mark Baglie for real. I was amazed that they train for almost a whole day and travelled to America for training. When they came they talked about health and fitness. I thought it was great because it was a rare experience and interesting to hear what they had to say.
    From James

    • Hi James
      It was great to read your thoughts on the Essendon footy players visit. I believe that high profile sports people like Mark and Brendon provide great role models for children even if the children listening don’t follow that particular team. Brendon and Mark spoke to you all about lots of interesting topics and you children asked some fabulous questions. Do you remember what they said about their diet and what sort of foods they needed to consume before a game? I found it very interesting that the players weigh themselves before and after training. Can you tell me why they do this?
      From Miss Hunichen

      • Hi Miss Hunichen
        They do that because if they lose weight after a game it is because they sweat and get dehydrated. If they weigh less then they need to drink a sort amount of water or gatorade every kg they lose.
        From James

  4. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I was amazed that Brendan Goddard and Mark Baguley came to our school. They were talking about health and their training. I can’t believe that they fly to America to train! I thought it was an amazing experience. To become healthy you have to eat lots of pasta and bananas. I think that Essendon players should always come to our school because, they teach you how to be healthy, to stay fit and if you want to become an AFL player they can help you.
    I can’t believe they sacrifice their family and friends to become an AFL star. Being an AFL star must be hard work. Brendan Goddard talked more than Mark Baguley because Brendan is more experienced and a better player.
    Thanks for reading,

    • Hi Caedon,
      Thank you for yoru thoughtful comment about the Essendon football players visiting. Brendon and Mark provided all of you with lots of fabulous advice and information. I was very pleased with all of the interesting questions that were asked.Do you remember why the boys said to eat pasta and bananas? They each provide our body with something special. Even though Brendon hasn’t actually played a game for Essendon, he spoke very well and is obviously a very experienced footballer. Do you have a favourite player? Unfortunately for them to get where they are there has to be some sacrafices, it might evn mean moving away from your family to a city in another state. Do you think you would be able to do that if you were given the opportunity to play AFL?
      From Miss Hunichen

  5. Dear Miss Hunichen

    I think it is a great idea to have the footy players come to our school. I learnt a lot from it, like before and after an AFL match they weigh themselves and if they lose 2-3kg they have to drink a couple of litres of water!

    Also that you get to go overseas for FREE!! It also made me realise how tall footy players really are, I guessed about 6-7 feet for Mark Baguley

    I still think it is a good idea for Essendon to come and I hope they come next year.
    From Ebony

    • Dear Ebony,
      I’m glad that you enjoyed the visit from the Essendon footballers. Like you I aslo learnt lots of new things. I was very surprised to hear that players weigh themselves before and after training. I bet the players think it’s pretty great that they get to travel overseas for training for free, however don’t forget that they probably don’t get an awful lot of time to themsleves to see the sights etc as they would be training. It’s also importatnt to remember that they also have to sacrafice spending time with their friends and families. As always there are pros and cons to anything we choose to do in life. Would you like to be a famous sportsperson when you grow up?
      Miss Hunichen

  6. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I think that football players should come to schools because if your parents can’t afford for you to go to the footy you can get autographs and you can learn about their diet and how to keep healthy. I would think that they would be a fantastic role for younger footballers.
    I learnt that if you train hard, eat healthy, stay fit and sleep well before a match you’ll find yourself in a god position.
    I thought it was good not just for young footballers, it’s was also good for others that play other sports. I loved the footballers talk and I will follow their lead in future.
    From Tia

    • Dear Tia
      I think you have used some good reasons to persuade me on why football players should visit schools. I particularly like the reason about parents not being able to afford to take their children to the football family days so having players come into schools is a great way to combat this problem. What sort of things do you will take away from the talk that you will endeavour to do yourself. My aim this year is to try and eat less sweets and try to eat more fruit. I also realised that I probably need to do a little bit more exercise. Would you like to be a famous sports player when you grow up?
      Miss Hunichen

  7. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I believe that footy players should come to schools because they influenced younger footy players. I can’t believe that they go to America just to train. I learnt that if you want to be a good sport player you have to train hard and eat healthy.
    Even though I am not an Essendon supporter and I don’t really support football it was a fantastic chance to learn things about their training, diet and what to do before a match of footy. It was a fantastic experience and I am looking forward to meeting footballers in furture.
    From Tia

  8. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I enjoyed having the Essendon Players come to our school. While they were here they were talking about what they eat before a game and how much they have to train. They were also talking about what is protein and why we should have protein. When they came to our school I was amazed because some of my family go for Essendon and some of them go for different teams and my grandad loves that team so much.
    Thanks for reading my comment
    Sincely Bonnie.

  9. Hi Mrs Hunichen
    I thought that it was a good idea for the football players to come to the school but I thought that they could talk about something a bit more interesting then health and keeping fit. I thought that they should get us up and do some of there training tips with us, like hand balling or kicking the ball to one another and they give us some tips. I did think that it was a good though and that it was a good idea for them to come and talk to us about health and fitness though and that they go all over the world to train
    I thought that it could of been a bit better. Abbey

  10. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    It was so exciting seeing Essendon players, Brendan Goddard and Mark Baguley. Essendon is my favourite team and they talked about diets and healthy eating. It is good for them to come to different schools because they talk about training hard and to do lots of exercise. What is your favourite football team. By Jordana

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