Classroom Library

This term we have been very busy planning and setting up our classroom library. Miss Hunichen spent lots of time over the xmas holidays searching op shops for great books and the Reject shop for baskets to house all these books. We even had to buy a new bookshelf because we have so many books. The hard part was how we were going to sort all of these books. There was great discussion amongst the children and lots of excitement as to how they would set up their library. We have a borrowing system in place so that we can keep track of all of our books. We are lucky enough to have had a rug donated by Caedon, a big cushion from Sebi and some cushions and blankets by Darcy. We have discussed spending some of our leftover money on bins for our cushions and blankets as well as buying some more cushions. Have a look through our slideshow where you’ll see our library in use!

Do you have any suggestions for our classroom library?
What do you like about our classroom library?

Crazy Hair Day


Friday the 15th of March was Crazy Hair Day at school where students (and even some teachers) came to school with crazy and colourful hairstyles and a gold coin donation. We held this day to raise money for ‘Be Brave and Shave’. Ms Preaudet has been raising money this term for the charity and shaved her hair off at assembly on Friday to support this very worthy cause. Well done Ms Preaudet! 5/6E think you look fantastic.

As part of this day children in Grade 5/6E buddied up with someone in Mrs Hollands Grade 1 class. Their task was to draw each other with their crazy hair. This was a fun activity and the finished pieces are displayed in both classrooms. Come and have a look!!!


What was your favourite part of working with the younger children?

Do you think we should do this more often? Why/why not?

What… I have homework?

We have a new page on the blog, What….we have homework?

The page gives information about the work that is due by the end of the week, work which is overdue and Hands on Homework.

Hands on homework is an added bonus – check out this week’s assignment which combines Australia and food. I look forward to seeing your creativity shine!

Share the homework page with your parents at home.

Write a quality comment about how will the page help you.

Encourage Mum and Dad to leave a comment too.

100 Greatest Books for Kids

This morning we visited the Library Blog. We followed Mrs Irwin’s link to 100 Greatest Books For Kids.

It was very interesting to see which  books have been voted in to the Top 100 List.

If you are not sure of the titles make sure you click on the cover of each book as a window will pop up showing you what the cover looks like and telling you about the book.

 Did you find many books familiar to you in the list?

Were there any of your favourites?