What… I have homework?

We have a new page on the blog, What….we have homework?

The page gives information about the work that is due by the end of the week, work which is overdue and Hands on Homework.

Hands on homework is an added bonus – check out this week’s assignment which combines Australia and food. I look forward to seeing your creativity shine!

Share the homework page with your parents at home.

Write a quality comment about how will the page help you.

Encourage Mum and Dad to leave a comment too.

One thought on “What… I have homework?

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I think this homework page will help all of us keep track of what we’re supposed to do especially when the year progresses. My mum thought it was a great idea because she wants to know what I have to do every week homework wise. I also found that I had accomplished all the task that needed to be completed, which surprised me. The colour coding of each task also helps as well because I know what the most important tasks are and what aren’t. Overall I believe that this will be a useful site.
    From Jessica.

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