Crazy Hair Day


Friday the 15th of March was Crazy Hair Day at school where students (and even some teachers) came to school with crazy and colourful hairstyles and a gold coin donation. We held this day to raise money for ‘Be Brave and Shave’. Ms Preaudet has been raising money this term for the charity and shaved her hair off at assembly on Friday to support this very worthy cause. Well done Ms Preaudet! 5/6E think you look fantastic.

As part of this day children in Grade 5/6E buddied up with someone in Mrs Hollands Grade 1 class. Their task was to draw each other with their crazy hair. This was a fun activity and the finished pieces are displayed in both classrooms. Come and have a look!!!


What was your favourite part of working with the younger children?

Do you think we should do this more often? Why/why not?

One thought on “Crazy Hair Day

  1. Dear miss hunichen ,
    I enjoyed having crazy hair day because it was fun and we got to do fun activities with the grade 1s. I also have never seen some of crazyist hair ever like it was nuts.

    I think we should do activities like that more often because it was fun and we can learn more.
    From Bonnie.

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