Classroom Library

This term we have been very busy planning and setting up our classroom library. Miss Hunichen spent lots of time over the xmas holidays searching op shops for great books and the Reject shop for baskets to house all these books. We even had to buy a new bookshelf because we have so many books. The hard part was how we were going to sort all of these books. There was great discussion amongst the children and lots of excitement as to how they would set up their library. We have a borrowing system in place so that we can keep track of all of our books. We are lucky enough to have had a rug donated by Caedon, a big cushion from Sebi and some cushions and blankets by Darcy. We have discussed spending some of our leftover money on bins for our cushions and blankets as well as buying some more cushions. Have a look through our slideshow where you’ll see our library in use!

Do you have any suggestions for our classroom library?
What do you like about our classroom library?