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This term we have been very busy planning and setting up our classroom library. Miss Hunichen spent lots of time over the xmas holidays searching op shops for great books and the Reject shop for baskets to house all these books. We even had to buy a new bookshelf because we have so many books. The hard part was how we were going to sort all of these books. There was great discussion amongst the children and lots of excitement as to how they would set up their library. We have a borrowing system in place so that we can keep track of all of our books. We are lucky enough to have had a rug donated by Caedon, a big cushion from Sebi and some cushions and blankets by Darcy. We have discussed spending some of our leftover money on bins for our cushions and blankets as well as buying some more cushions. Have a look through our slideshow where you’ll see our library in use!

Do you have any suggestions for our classroom library?
What do you like about our classroom library?

3 thoughts on “Classroom Library

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I think that it is a great idea to have a classroom library. I like our classroom library because it has a lot of space to move around in and all the different book choices are amazing. The way that I think we could improve our library is by mabye allocateing one person in the class to one category of books and we have to make a sign that relates to the category we have been allocated too. Otherwise I think that our classroom library is perfect the way it is and doesn’t need anything else added to it.

    From Abbey

  2. I strongly believe that Footy players should come to school. I thought the footy players were a life changing experience. They were teaching us about their diet and what they were eating. They also allowed us to ask some questions about what we should be eating and so. I have changed my mind about Footy and I am starting to like it. I was very surprised when I saw their faces. I was thinking in my mind why would they take their time when they could be spending it with their families to come to a school to talk to kids. With saying that I was very privileged to be seeing them in real life!

  3. Dear miss hunichen ,
    Having a class room library is a tool to have because if where looking for an Information Book it will help us and also with a chapter book you can just start right in to the book and just read and including we might not have any books you want to read at your house.
    From bonnie.

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