ANZAC Day… What do you know?

ANZAC day is coming up when we return in Term 2.  We will be focusing on the importance of this day in the week and a bit leading up to it.

Have a think about what you already know about this special holiday and spend some time looking at the links below that feature very good information about the landing at Gallipoli and the people and events surrounding ANZAC Day.

What have you learnt so far about ANZAC Day?

What would you still like to learn more about?

Term 1 Holidays

Sadly the Term 1 holidays are coming to a close. Only a few more hours of freedom until we will all be getting ready to head back to school tomorrow. I trust that all of you have had an enjoyable holiday and I’m looking forward to hearing all of your stories tomorrow.

My holidays have been pretty busy, not much time to sit and relax at all!! I spent the first few days visiting a friend of mine who lives in Bairnsdale. Does anyone know how long this journey is? See if you can work out the time and distance travelled if I left from Sunbury. I went to uni with Kelly so I have known her for almost 10 years!! Each holidays I drive down to Bairnsdale to spend time with her and her 2 children, Gabi and Aidan. Gabi has just turned four and loves watching Peppa Pig and Aidan will be 2 in June. He loves Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. You can watch a clip below, don’t forget to check with parents 1st as it is from Youtube.

I spent the 2nd week of the school holidays in Port Douglas with Mrs McConville. We flew from Melbourne Airport to Cairns Airport and then drove to Port Douglas. The travel seemed to take forever. See if you can work out how long the flight was and then how far it is from Cairns airport to Port Douglas. We arrived at our hotel late Sunday afternoon where we unpacked our things before finding an information centre so we could book all of our tours.

On Monday we left the hotel early as we were heading out to do some snorkelling on The Great Barrier Reef. I wasn’t looking forward to the journey out to the reef as it was over an hour on a boat and I tend to get seasick. We sat towards the back of the boat and I took some tablets to stop me from getting sick. Unfortunately they didn’t help and I was sick the whole trip. I think Mrs McConville wanted to throw me overboard!! Watch the following video to get an idea of what our day was like. Don’t forget to check with mum and dad though as it is a clip from Youtube.

Tuesday saw us up early again as our tour guide was picking us up at 7am! Barney was an amazing tour guide with lots of knowledge on the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation. Unfortunately it rained ALL day and was very cloudy so we didn’t get to see all of the beautiful views that we were meant to. You can read about what our tour involved by clicking on the following link: We also went Jungle surfing on this tour. I had been really looking forward to this part but was disappointed that it rained heavily the whole time, Mrs McConville and I were drenched by the end of it! You can read all about Jungle Surfing by clicking on the following link:

After such a full on two days I was glad to be able to sleep in on Wednesday. We just spent time in Port Douglas looking around the shops. We were keen to fit in some time by the pool but unfortunately it was raining AGAIN!!

One of the things Mrs McConville was keen to do was take the train up to Kuranda and then come back on the skyrail. It meant another early start and a long bus trip to the Kuranda Train station. Luckily by the time we got on the train the sun had come out and we had beautiful views all the way up to Kuranda. We spent time looking at the markets as well as watching a vey interesting demonstration on how to make candy. You can watch the candy making process below, just make sure you check with mum and dad first.

Of course after lunch it started raining AGAIN. Luckily Mrs McConville and I had bought poncho’s at the train station that morning! We travelled back from Kuranda on the skyrail, unfortunately because of the weather all we could see was lots of white misty clouds. You can read about the Skyrail by clicking on the following link

Friday was the day I was most looking forward to. It was the day I was going to leap off a 50 meter tower down to the water below… thats right, I was going Bungy Jumping!! After bungy jumping in Bali 2 years ago I have always wanted to do it again. You can watch the video of my bungy jump by looking in the 5/6E folder on students and you can click on the following link to look at the bungy website:

Just before I took the plunge!

We spent the afternoon looking around Cairns before heading back to Port Douglas to pack our bags ready to come home. I enjoyed our time in Port Douglas, I only wish we had seen more sunshine!!

Cross Country

On Friday the 22nd of March all of the Grade 3-6 children participated in the Cross Counrty. Before we could even run the race we had to walk down into Gisborne. We met Mr G at Gardiner Reserve and assembled in our house colours.

The 10 year old age group ran a 2km track while the 11, 12 and 13 year old age group ran a 3km track.

Congratulations to the following children from 5/6E who placed in the Top 12 competitors for their age group: Sebi, Jordana, Ewa, James, Tia, Jess S, Indiah, Macklan, Ebony, Jess N, Caedon, George and Lachie.