ANZAC Day… What do you know?

ANZAC day is coming up when we return in Term 2.  We will be focusing on the importance of this day in the week and a bit leading up to it.

Have a think about what you already know about this special holiday and spend some time looking at the links below that feature very good information about the landing at Gallipoli and the people and events surrounding ANZAC Day.

What have you learnt so far about ANZAC Day?

What would you still like to learn more about?

3 thoughts on “ANZAC Day… What do you know?

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I have learnt soooooooo much in the last week about ANZAC Day and Gallipoli!!! I have learnt that ANZAC Day is on the 25th of April and that there is a ceremony early in the morning. I have also learnt that not many women attended World War 1 and if they did go to World War 1 they were a chef or a nurse. Some women were closer to the war than others.
    But I would like to know more about what kind of jobs the soliders did when they came back to Australia (If they did.)
    From Tia

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    When we started learning about Anzac Day I knew nothing but some of the time I was guessing. But when we got on to different websites I started learning bit by bit. It was easy when I got to put more information on a PowerPoint and put pictures with it.
    From Bonnie.

    • Dear Bonnie
      I’m glad to hear that with all the work we did on Anzac Day that you have learnt lots of new information. I think this was evident in the PowerPoint presentation that you prepared. You should be proud of your achievements. The comments you are leaving on the blog are much better and I’m pleased to see that they contain correct use of full stops and capital letters. Keep up the great work!
      Miss Hunichen

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