Cyber Safe Quiz

On Friday you will be bringing your netbooks home for the first time this year. We would like you to spend some time on the weekend reviewing the Cyber Safety links on the blog with your parents. These can be found along the top menu bar. As well as looking at these we would like you to complete the following Cyber Safe Quiz. It is very important that your parents sit with you while you are completing this as they will learn some valuable information as well.

Once you have completed the quiz it would be great if you and your parents could leave a comment about what you learnt about Cybersafety.

3 thoughts on “Cyber Safe Quiz

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I tried the Cyber Safety quiz and I got them all right, (a score of 25). Some important things mentioned were that viruses can be attached to pop up windows, never to reveal personal information online, and that cyber bullying is never to be tollerated. I already knew those things though.

    A way to remember what things never to reveal online is YAPPY. We learnt about it last year. YAPPY stands for:
    Your full name
    Personal information
    Your plans.

    I think that this quiz encourages cyer safety a lot.
    Fom Alexandra.

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I enjoyed doing the test, I got a score of 25/25. I didn’t learn anything new, I had already learnt most of the things on there. But it was good revision.
    From Ebony

  3. Dear miss Hunichen
    Mum and I found the cybersmart test quite easy and we got none of the questions wrong. I think that it is a good idea though to have a test so that you learn the cyber safety rules in a fun and exciting way. But I think that the website could put a little more questions in and make it a tad harder for the older kids.

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