Are you persistent enough?

The following links are to a maths game that will help you with place value skills. It may also frustrate the pants off you as I discovered last weekend when I had a go at it.

Did you discover any strategies for this game?

What did you think of the game?

(Don’t forget to justify your answer)

3 thoughts on “Are you persistent enough?

  1. hi miss huinchen
    I played the wishball it was really irratable for the first couple of games but i finnaly got it. I would play this game again

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen
    I found this game really hard but fun at the same time. I like this game because it is a fun way to do maths instead of doing it the long boring way with pen and paper. I didn’t really find any strategies for this game that would work. The only strategy that did work was I calculated what the answer would be if I put the digit in that column and if it was good I would put the digit in the column that would work the best.


  3. Dear miss hunichen,
    I found the wishball frustrating sometimes but after a while it was fun and i thought it was challenging because you had to get up to high or a low number and it was hard some of the time. But the good thing about it was that i the class can lean many different stradagies
    From Bonnie.

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