So Much Going On

Hi Grade 5/6E children,

There seems to be so much going on at the moment and lots of things that I need to remind you about so I have decided to group them all together in this special post!

1. School Priday Day is coming up on Friday the 24th of May. It is our chance to beautify the school before our 150th Celebrations. Please bring gloves and small hand tools on the day if you have them.

2. 150th Celebrations are taking place on Friday the 31st of May. We will be holding a Walk through Time day where people will be able to come and visit the school. The decade the Grade 5/6’s are focusing on is the 1910’s. Do you have any ideas on what we could do to showcase this period. If so leave a comment.

3. There is a new email from Grace on the Where is Grace? page.Don’t forget to also check whether she has replied to your comments.

4. The Music blog has been updated and you can access it from our list of links. Please visit this blog and watch the video on the Grade 5/6 page.

5. Grade 5 children it is nearly NAPLAN time. If you have your netbook at home over the weekend there are two Practise tests scheduled for you to complete on Mathletics.

6. Your typed up piece about Energy is now overdue and needs to be typed up at home. Don’t forget that you need to include 3 pictures and it must have a header or a footer with your name and grade.